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The new America is the Philippines

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The new America is the Philippines

Postby starchild5 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:17 am

Mind Blowing....Wow...

Marcos Gold : Philippines is the Wealthiest Nation on Earth

This comes from World Bank Elites.

I now have more Idea. Gold belongs to the Gods aka Aliens...Fort Knox Gold is moved to the Philippines ..which means America has served its purpose. It was always about Gold.

The Japanese Yamashita Gold is also in the Philippines.

Close to a Million Tons of Gold already ...Which would make Philippines the richest country but why its still piss poor?

As per Sumerians...The reptilian Aliens are after Gold. They came to earth for Gold mining.

Looks like Philippines is going to be their base when they come on Earth this time.

Duterte is Protected by these Aliens who also rule America. I cannot believe Jews have not taken out Duterte even before he was elected. How is he able to distance away from America so easily. Every attack of his is about America rightfully so but by a higher design.

A nobody country called Philippines is making headlines. Its unfreakingbelieable while America descends into Chaos Philippines is emerging..look at the timing guys...Many consider this election to be make or break for America..What are the odds that Philippines is emerging and getting away from US.? Why can't both countries Evolve together? because countries are created not for humanity but for Gold and Aliens.

China is now creating roads and railways to link all islands where gold is kept.

Filipinos will also benefit and become rich but they can be expendable later on. The core reason is about Aliens and Gold.

I'm now getting the biggest picture...I do not approve of Duterte killing drug pushers etc because..lIfe's of Filipinos is already sh*t, drugs are a way to keep your mind out of it for a while ..its not their fault really and with Christianity ..I can imagine the hell...We never approve of America as an Empire either...

It was all about Aliens and their obsession with Gold....Its not about Philippines or Filipinos as I expected .but they will become rich by default as America became but life would still suck....f*ck I was so wrong ... :( :(
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