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Post by Lorenzo » November 3rd, 2016, 6:59 pm

Campus leaders and liberal scholars at multiple universities are taking steps to feminize men, claiming masculinity is toxic and men need to be trained not to be masculine in order to establish true equality. According to the College Fix, "Campuses are hosting training sessions, group meetings, lectures and other programs to effectively cleanse what many campus leaders and left-leaning scholars contend is an unhealthy masculinity in young men today." Some of these campuses are claiming that masculinity is "extremely toxic to our mental health" and "plays a harmful influence in lives," blaming masculinity as the reason for inequality, sexual violence, racism, mass violence, domestic terrorism and more.

If Hillary is President this phenomenon will be accelerated. We will all be forced to undergo sensitivity training in order to bring out our feminine side, or face penalties. This crap is real!!! Time to start packing...or putting women back in their place.

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Post by chanta76 » November 3rd, 2016, 8:33 pm

Damage done. Most unversity is very left wing. There are more and more females than males entering colleges so i have no idea why women complain about gender inequality at least in the university level.

Feminism is growing and just getting worst but spreading like cancer to other place of the world.

I just see a future where it be tough for guys.

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Post by Kradmelder » November 3rd, 2016, 9:27 pm

It depends how you look. I rarely go on campuses these days except every 2 years to lecture post grad engineering students for a week as an invited lecturer to students with a minimum of 5 years industry experience.

my first thought is it is so black. but the stats show 86% of blacks never graduate, so by post grad they are a tiny minority. next I see far more women than men, but most of those women are doing basket weaving degrees like the blacks. they just want an Mrs degree. Get to the postr grad engineers and they are 90 pct white in Africa, with a few blacks from other African countries who are the very top of the bell curve of their race and are really trying. hardly a woman or kaffir to be seen. I am sure in another continent half would be Asian. But the rioters are all black and a few white libtard women. Not a white man or Asian to be seen.

N one of the faces are complaining why is a white man up there. that happens on campus from the libtard and darkies. Not in a room where darkies and whiteys are really there for the content, not the politics.

so university experience depends on how you see it and want to get out of it. my experience after walking past all the shit is generally almost all white men and no women, and only the upper crust of darkies.

and I am as right wing as they come. the head of dept is very right wing and takes no darkie or liberal shit. He is tenured so doesn't have to. that means a student there would say holy shit university is a bunch of hard core military conservative white men. If you take prof Silversteins woman studies or arts, your experience would be the opposite. Until you see a good white man tell prof Silverstein to fark off with his bullshit :lol:

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Post by Kradmelder » November 3rd, 2016, 9:48 pm

Anyone who goes to university and wastes his parent's money on this arty fatty shit that will never make you employable and only keeps these kike profs employed spewing liberal pc garbage, then complains the lectures are full of women and darkies and all the other dregs needs to reexamine himself. my mother used to say if you spend your time in the gutter you will only see the gutter. That applies to all life, including studies. it is axiomatic in the upper echelons of white society, and I am sure even more so in yellow society, given the Asian emphasis on education. what would be an Asian parent's reaction to a kid going to study art or woman studies? Meneer Yu Went Wong would Kung fu that kid to oblivion. not that I would blame him. I would feel the same.

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Post by retiredfrank » November 4th, 2016, 1:02 am

There's a lot of truth in the idea that traditional masculinity is toxic to men. Whether it is bad for society as a whole is impossible to say. What is the purpose of society?

But getting back to individual men. Eric is a fine example of a man who has been driven crazy by toxic masculinity. And same goes for a lot of guys on this forum and in the manosphere in general. All of them are trying to preserve traditions that have outlived their time and they will be crushed in the process. In particular, monogamous marriage, the nuclear family, involvement of men with young children, string bonds between father's and children, etc are all dead. These traditions made sense when military power depended on male muscle power and male bonding and teamwork. Military power nowadays is based on technology. What matters is the top 1% of men, those who can develop the next generation super drones. Traditional culture makes men stupid. KraDmelder (with uppercase D for darkie obsessed) is a case in point. No doubt he's good enough at some sort of engineering that requires mostly common sense, but he'll never program a drone with artificial intelligence abilities. It's the effeminate metrosexual types who will do that sort of cutting edge programming, therefore all society has to get in line to support those men, which means making life difficult for traditional men.

Men who can't go the urban metrosexual route should accept that they will occupy a marginal position in society in the future. No more marriage, just serial monogamy with single mothers who the guy has to give some money to now and then. Same as cowboys back in the old days, who lived alone most of the time and visited a whore when they got to town.

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