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Winstons Article on MLMs

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Winstons Article on MLMs

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » November 4th, 2016, 3:50 pm

Hi Winston,

A pal sent me your article on MLMs since I was telling him about Empower Network.

It does not have a date on it so I don't know when you wrote it. ... t_MLMs.pdf

As I have said I would love you to join my EN team in starting a HAer team.

My main focus at the moment is MGTOWs since guys in the fathers rights area are too beaten down to want to fight back...and to fight back the first thing to do is to make a living and be out of poverty...which most divorced dads can not do for one reason or another.

So I thought I would answer your points in the article specifically about EN with the caveat here in public that I do not want any HAers to join me. I would like to see Winston start his own franchise inside EN and have HAers join him.

And by way of full disclosure as Winstons upline I would also earn from his income if he ever does this.

Right now I am selling to MGTOWs.

Firstly, Amway, Herbal Life and others have given MLM and Network Marketing a bad name.

The primary reason is that these sorts of companies teach

"Make a list of your family and friends and invite them to a meeting and pitch your deal at the meeting"

Or a variation on that theme.

They teach not to tell people about what they are going to hear...just to come to the meeting.

Of course, this leaves people feeling "AM-bushed".

Also, the commissions paid by companies that sell physical products is very small, so you need to sell a lot and have a lot of people in your team to make any money.

You also need to move physical stock and all the rest of it.

It does work. SOME people make a lot of money. But the very nature of MLMs is that there is a significant failure rate just like any other business, especially in retail.

In retail 90% of businesses fail.

So in MLM, like any business, people should be aware of the 90% failure rate.

"Fail" being defined to mean "did not turn a profit".

Of course, in every "failure" there are lessons to learn.

I avoided joining any of these things, even when I was broke because of political persecution, because they were not in line with my business and I was living where I did not know a lot of people, and my chances of success were relatively low.

However, a pal of mine who knew I was on hard times invited me to join his team because he had a deal where you didn't need to be located in any single spot, no inventory, high commissions, and you didn't sell to your family and all. You sell to like minded people.

All he sent me was a simple email saying check this out.

It was USD7 to have a 2 week trial so I went in at his suggestion.

Within 30 minutes I realised I had seen the future of internet marketing, and it was very cool. So I jumped in.

That was iPAS2 and that was how I wound up in Empower Network.


Why have I stayed in EN?

Did I put down the top level USD5,000 to get in and stay in because I want to make my money back?


I went in at the USD47 level and stayed at that until I went into Empower Network when I went up to the USD150 level because I wanted to get the inner circle product as well.

I stayed in EN because of the people who are there. My pal is a long term pal of mine who has been selling via lists since he was cleaned out in divorce in the mid 90s. He runs a site teaching men how to get out of their home country and make money online to have location freedom.

Sound familiar?

He is very well aware of what is happening about governments. But his position is that being an older man now there is no point fighting them. He just wants a good life and he teaches people how to avoid problems with the governments by leaving them behind. Very much a HAer at heart! And became so because of divorce.

I also met guys like Jon Ochs, Mike Hobbs and Dave Wood.

I studies what Jon Ochs was doing for a while....he is doing some great things, and so I looked more in to Dave Wood.

Dave is quite a remarkable young man with a good head on his shoulders.

Hew grew up mormon and wanted to make a lot of money but failed for a long time until he discovered that blogging and video was a way to attact buyers.

Dave went on to make a few million before founding empower network....and as EN they have generated over USD200M in sales which is not bad for a bunch of "crazy bloggers".

But the unique thing about EN is the people. The character of the leaders and how they put their life on show in the public.

Contrary to most MLMs almost no one who came in to Empower Network and became a leader was already doing well elsewhere. The majority of guys who came in like Justin Verengia, Jon, Mike were broke, or WORSE, in severe debt, when they bought in to Empower Network.

The only guys I know who came in to EN who were already well off were Chris Record and Vick Streizhaus. Vick did a launch for his people and made USD700K in commissions in one month...not sure if anyone will ever beat Vicks effort!

Vick is, of course, one of the top Internet Marketers in the world, as is Chris Record now.

I could have switched out and gone with guys like Vick or Chris Record or others.

But for me, the character of the people in EN, and the fact that almost to a one they were broke when they joined, is my deciding factor.

Also, because they were all broke when they joined they actually really do care about helping people who are dead broke get back on their feet.

I did not come in through Jon Ochs for example. He gets nothing from my fees. Yet he has been prepared to have quite a few side conversations with me about unrelated matters just because he has a common interest to me in those matters.

So I stayed for two main reasons.

1. I understand how this works and I know I will make a LOT of money out of it in the longer term. More on that next.

2. The people make the difference and these are good people whom I get along with very well. And they really actually care and really actually help other people along.

So, why would I say I know, rather than think, I will make a lot of money out of this sort of thing in the longer term?

I do Business Intelligence and 75% of my projects since 91 have been in the area of "sell more stuff". I was one of the pinoeers of targeted direct mail marketing mail in Austalia. I was one of the first guys who worked in a team to pioneer customised messages by prospect in the selling process.

I know how to sell via direct mail including customising the individual item to the recient.

Of courses that has translated to customising email to the recipient now.

However, the leading IM guys have a few tricks up their sleeves that I have been going to school on. So in my BI business I will be using what I learned in m IM business.....and vice versa.

In my IM business I am going to build in BI capability for my team to make it AWESOME in selling to prospects.

For me, IM is a natural partner to BI.

And Empower Network are one of the leading IM companies.

So I know my participation in EN is worth far more than the fees I am paying to be in there. Not to mention that their products are actually worth the money you pay for them even if you never resell one copy! LOL!


Most MLMs, as Winston point out, try and get you in with all the glitzy stuff and get you to upgrade asap to get you committed by needing to get back your money.

This is something that lost Dave Wood a few friends!

So what he has done is give a USD7 two week trial for people to look around.

Heck, occasionally he is putting on specials of a USD1 trial with USD2 back if you decide to leave!

Now, you can't be any more transparent than offering a USD7 two week trial and even offering that USD7 back if the person does not agree to stay, right?

As Dave says "If you are not 100% sure you want to be here, please go!"

This is why we can get 2,000 people on a webinar to watch a demonstartion of the new release of our blogging software.

Yes, you read that right...a while back a new release of the blog came out and the announced a demo for current affiliates and TWO THOUSAND people showed up!

Heck, Micosoft can't pull a crowd of 2,000 people to watch a software demo!

Double, plus, heck, Hillary can't get 2,000 people to a rally while running for the office of president of the US!! LOL!

So yeah, I was pretty impressed 2,000 people showed up for a demo of a new release of blogging software!!

So yeah...a USD7 two week trial is pretty transparent.

Like all places there is a comp plan etc.

Unlike most places you so not HAVE to buy a product to sell it.

The minium level is now USD45 per month. And if you are in at that level and sell higher level products you just pass along the first sale to your upline and you get paid commissions on the rest.

There is the proviso that you have to be active, which means sell 5 trials a month, to get paid recurring income from monthly fees.

You do not sell to your family and friends at all if you do not want to.

Blogging is a way of selling to like minded people, not your family and friends.

Now, if members of your family and friends are like minded people and want to join your team great. But for the most part EN teaches you to write your blogs or post their blogs and to circulate them in areas that you are known.

Search will send people to your blog too.

So EN is a good deal different to your average MLM or Network Marketing company.

I like it.

I will be here until I die.

I really want Winston to come in to my team.

I really want a HAer team like I am going to have a MGTOW team.

There is not a million miles apart in thinking between MGTOW and HAers,

Indeed, by any description I am both MGTOW and a HAer.

Now...if you look in to EN and you are a HAer and you think it sounds like a good deal and you want to try it out?

Let Winston know he has a sale if he joins me! LOL!

If just 3 HAers decide they want in that would have Winston break even right up front.

Yeah, I know, I really want to give Winston a good reason to join my team! LOL!

Have a great weekend guys!
Feel free to check out my blog:Click ME!

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