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What do you guys think of that book "The Secret"?

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Re: What do you guys think of that book "The Secret"?

Post by S_Parc » December 1st, 2016, 5:11 am

HouseMD wrote:
S_Parc wrote:
HouseMD wrote:
S_Parc wrote: The thing is that House's program is really about the MCATs. Once a person scores in the mid-30s there ... he's on his way to becoming a doctor. The whole making *Alpha Omega Alpha* and all that other honors/Johns Hopkins/Mayo/Harvard residency stuff, is more about prestige than in making one's way in the world.

Even the best, highest scored engineer, still needs to fight for his career opportunities, upon graduation. He doesn't have a guild, watching his back. This is why you so see so many MITers, working next to campus in Kendall Sq Cambridge, and not being able to leave because for the most part, their grades, etc, doesn't give 'em the power to take over corporate America.

And thus, the idea of cultivating one's mental/emotional energy, outside of a licensed profession like being an MD, is still of value.
I dunno, I know quite a few engineers and they're doing fine. My brother is an engineer that went to state school, currently makes a killing working in aerospace.
Both Mel and I work in related engineering areas, like consulting and financial adjunct services, and both of us are doing fine. This is not the case for a lot of other ppl, whose work had been offshored to places like eastern Europe a/o Asia.

The thing is that both of us, as well as my hero, Bosstone, are constantly in the business of marketing ourselves.

It's not like we can get into a residency program and then suddenly find ourselves with an endless supply of job offers.
Yeah, but I've got to pay the piper in youth and cash. 350k of loans and possibly 14-15 years of my life will be devoted to college, medical school, and residency (currently heavily leaning toward doing IM+ID+an epidemiology MPH from a top 10 school so that I can snag a CDC job basically anywhere in the world I chose). You can start engineering after only 4 years and nearly 300k less in debt.
Sure, I understand that and I also know that not everyone can attend, let's say UMass/Worcester with nearly zero loans, just for providing a few years of assistance on an Indian reservation. Once you're out of that zone, you're basically saddled with loans for life.

The original point, being about being able to focus one's energy, whether it be the 'Secret' or some qigong (or some other eastern exercise/ritual) to keep one's motivation, etc, going, to get the big contracts or whatever, to build one's career, is still of value.
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Re: What do you guys think of that book "The Secret"?

Post by JohnDoeBigBaller » December 1st, 2016, 10:31 pm

WOW, I just found this. ... 1117271174

Turns out Rhonda Byrnes completely f***ed over the people who were involved in making the movie as well as marketing it. She scammed two male partners out of millions of dollars and she f***ing totally edited out Esther Hicks, who was the one who originally had the idea of the law of attraction and has been promoting it for many years now. Esther Hicks was completely edited out of the film but being the new age idiot she is, she didn't want to sue Rhonda cause she thought it would bring "negative energy" into her life.

These new age gurus are all f***ing frauds. They don't even follow their own bullshit teachings. Rhonda is a scam artist and has made 300 million dollars promoting her scam to idiotic people, MOSTLY women. Hey, if women are stupid enough to believe this horseshit, then f**k them.

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Re: What do you guys think of that book "The Secret"?

Post by JohnDoeBigBaller » December 1st, 2016, 10:34 pm

Rhonda Byrne also engages in victim blaming. According to her, whatever happens in life, we attracted it. So if a woman gets raped, it's her fault. Or if 6 million jews get killed, it's their fault cause they "attracted" the holocaust.

She also says you can cure cancer by laughing. Imagine how many women have died because they thought they can just use a laughter treatment instead of getting real medical help.

f**k Rhonda Byrnes. She is a f***ing monster and I hope she kills herself.

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