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Kundalini experiences

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Re: Kundalini experiences

Post by JohnDoeBigBaller » December 19th, 2016, 7:37 am

retiredfrank wrote:
JohnDoeBigBaller wrote:Ten to 20 orgasms per day in the heart chakra area. Can you please elaborate a bit more?
First step is to become multi-orgasmic in the genital area. Some women are naturally multi-orgasmic, whereas multi-orgasmic always requires special training for men. Merely avoiding ejaculation by clenching the pelvic muscles during orgasm is not the same as multi-orgasmic. Clenching merely cause retro-ejaculation into the bladder, which is all most stupid western doctors understand about multi-orgasmic. On the contrary, you need to relax during ejaculation so the energy moves inward, across the anus (which may need unblocking by that jumbo-sized black dildo, are you reading this Adama and Eric?) and then up the backbone.

Mastering multi-orgasm is what allows a man to have the 20 orgasms per day or more. Next step is move the location of the orgasms upward. The higher the orgasm in the body, the less danger of the mutinous sperm seducing you with thoughts of genital pleasure into allowing a normal ejaculatory orgasm, which leaves the man depleted. Supposedly, you can get the orgasm all the way into the head and then leave the energy there, but I've been stuck at the heart chakra area for many years now. Once you get the energy into the head, you can supposedly spend the while day sitting in lotus pose orgasming without even touching the penis, which is how the sages used to occupy themselves. I still need to touch my penis to get an orgasm, which is what limits me to 20 per day, since I rub the skin on the penis raw with more than that. But even 20/day multi-orgasms is way better than the one normal ejaculatory orgasm per week an old man like me could have.
So you touch your penis and get an orgasm but do not ejaculate? Because it would be impossible to ejaculate 20 times a day. Are there any books that explain how to do this? I'd rather avoid gurus and teachers since most of them are scammers and will try to cheat you

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Re: Kundalini experiences

Post by JohnDoeBigBaller » December 19th, 2016, 7:46 am

Winston wrote:What is kundalini? Is it related to the chakras? Or auras? Or chi energy that chinese talk about? Are these different words for the same thing or different energies?

Why would awakening kundalini screw someone up mentally? Isnt enlightenment a good thing that makes you wiser? Or is it like looking into the face of God and not being able to bear it?
Hi Winston. Kundalini is the primal energy of the human being and is sitting at the base of our spine.

In my own case, it was related to the cleaning and opening of all 7 chakras. This took about 9 days I believe. With each passing chakra, I felt more alive, more energetic, and just fresh again, excited about life, the way we were as children. Once it passed the 7th chakra, I felt f***ing incredible. I had so much energy that I was going on like 10km bike rides and just had a tremendous amount of energy. I also gained some sort of ability where I would automatically attract myself to whatever I wanted. I was riding my bike around in the 3rd world country I was living in at the time, and I thought "I would like to buy some shoes" and then I felt myself being guided to turn left, turn right, and within a couple of minutes I had found a shoe store. I then wanted to buy some jeans and I found a clothing store using the same method within 2 or 3 minutes. So it's like I gained some kind of power where I could achieve whatever I wanted. I then decided to apply this power to something big, like huge goals, and so me and the girl who had awakened my kundalini talked about our goals and we agreed to work on some big stuff together. Later on it didn't work out with her but otherwise at the time, we were both so excited we were basically planning a future together.

As for how kundalini can screw you up a bit. Imagine if you burn through tons of karma immediately. It is going to create RAPID evolution in your personal life and a lot of things can change very quickly. So it tends to turn your life upside down because you decide to make a lot of changes very quickly.

To an outsider, this appears as insanity or madness but to the kundalini person, it is perfect clarity.

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