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Hierachy of Parenting Modes/Class System

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Hierachy of Parenting Modes/Class System

Post by josephty1 » December 19th, 2016, 8:49 am

Image ... f-history/

Most Americans are "Socializing" which means school is the number one cause of their emotional problems. Also their parents for letting them conform to the school system, later to popular culutre and toxic social enviornment.

Though parents are a problem too.

However, the intrusive mode is more common among single mother African Americans, especially those who are arrested for petty crimes. But the ambivalent mode is more common among mass murderers e.g. Ted Bundy.

The Phillipines, now with high circumcision rates, are probably approaching Intrusive Mode. Also if you see racist signs "No Vietnamese allowed" or anything like that, that's the biggest indicator. Vast majority of these parents are religious. Very irrational and not much intiutive thought for parents in this mode. My parents were probably raised in this mode but unprepared to deal with an environment where most white people who have jobs are raised in the socializing mode. Seattle, Washington is not for people like my parents at all.

Also note that after Jesus Christ era (0-400 AD) parenting mode shifted to abandoning mode, which is similar to foster-care/orphanages. An example is selling your children ... sex-trade/

Some historians think that Jesus' actual birthdate is somewhere between 1000 AD - 1100 AD. Well, the printing press is invented around that time so I'm not surprised.

Of course, Vietnam is also quite primitive especially the rural areas and especially before the Vietnam War. But not to hate on my country and all, but there is way too much overpopulation there. High birth rates mean nothing if there's lots of mental disorders, theft, and other emotional problems.

However, white liberals clearly have a case of stockholm syndrome, where they identify with the abuser (schools) and how do they self-medicate? Spend lots of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This is pulled from psychohistory ... f-history/
Public school and the people in it are fake as shit. Money and workaholic culture replaces healthy social interaction.

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Re: Hierachy of Parenting Modes/Class System

Post by starchild5 » December 20th, 2016, 3:46 am

great info man..Thanks

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Re: Hierachy of Parenting Modes/Class System

Post by Eric » December 20th, 2016, 4:29 am

What I was raised in would most likely identify as Socializing mode...of course, I think that all "successful" white cultures have this, but I also came from an Authoritarian parenting home. Whereas my mother was warm, and caring - my father was not; there was almost complete emotional restriction in the household, no validation was given, no love. He loved us, but didn't know how to express that he loved us...I always knew that. Still, it was very rigid, controlled, a stifled environment, where everything had to be done "perfectly."
I understand the Socializing mode is somewhat Normal for most families, however the Authoritarian one I don't think is.

Although it is, and seems to be more common in old-style anglo households, where a high emphasis is placed on patriarchal running of the house and things, father leading.

I will admit it was not easy growing up in this environment, and I often wished I had felt and expressed more love inside my family. It still greatly affects me and my relationships to this day.
With that said, I believe there's a liberal push since about the mid to late 1950's to attack traditional "whiteness" and demonize a patriarchal family; this made it even more difficult in growing up trying to parse my feelings out- obviously these people knew exactly where it hurt, and where your vulnerabilities were as a child from such a household. I believe they got a lot of kids to hate their families and turn on them by playing this fissure; that's textbook liberal strategy for deconstructing a society.
They used it when they went in to Soviet pre-Bolshevik Russia and had sociologists study the society and find out where there were rifts, weaknesses and problems between the people, and cultures living there; they then used these to exploit the people and tear apart families, society etc.

All of these people were, of course, Jewish.

I often went to school feeling confused and wondering why I often couldn't be like some of the other kids around; or some of my friends who seemed so open and playful. With age - I realize that these kids often were from broken homes, often single parent homes from liberal homes - they had no work ethic, discipline or training, they often were really damaged people lacking a lot of things, and with deficits. I think this subject is one of the most painful topics I can talk about. It is really near to my heart, obviously.
That there is a purposeful destruction of a white culture and beyond sickening and heart wrenching to me.
I'll try to balance the feelings of unhappiness/resentment I sometimes had for my father; with the realization and knowledge that I was being raised in a 'liberal' environment around me somewhat, and that that affected conversely how I saw it - it is easy to play off fissures that somebody already has. ...perspective is hard to keep - when you're young, and we grow up in an environment as confusing as this one.

I hope these Jewish bastards really burn in hell for what they've done.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Hierachy of Parenting Modes/Class System

Post by josephty1 » January 2nd, 2017, 9:16 pm



The first six levels are "subsistence levels" marked by "first-tier thinking." Then there occurs a revolutionary shift in consciousness: the emergence of "being levels" and "second-tier thinking," of which there are two major waves. Here is a brief description of all eight waves, the percentage of the world population at each wave, and the percentage of social power held by each.

1. Beige: Archaic-Instinctual (Survival) . The level of basic survival; food, water, warmth, sex, and safety have priority. Uses habits and instincts just to survive. Distinct self is barely awakened or sustained. Forms into survival bands to perpetuate life.

Where seen: First human societies, newborn infants, senile elderly, late-stage Alzheimer's victims, mentally ill street people, starving masses, shell shock. Approximately 0.1% of the adult population, 0% power.

2. Purple: Magical-Animistic (Tribal). Thinking is animistic; magical spirits, good and bad, swarm the earth leaving blessings, curses, and spells which determine events. Forms into ethnic tribes . The spirits exist in ancestors and bond the tribe. Kinship and lineage establish political links. Sounds "holistic" but is actually atomistic: "there is a name for each bend in the river but no name for the river."

Where seen: Belief in voodoo-like curses, blood oaths, ancient grudges, good luck charms, family rituals, magical ethnic beliefs and superstitions; strong in Third-World settings, gangs, athletic teams, and corporate "tribes." 10% of the population, 1% of the power.

3. Red: Power Gods (Egocentric). First emergence of a self distinct from the tribe; powerful, impulsive, egocentric, heroic. Magical-mythic spirits, dragons, beasts, and powerful people. Archetypal gods and goddesses, powerful beings, forces to be reckoned with, both good and bad. Feudal lords protect underlings in exchange for obedience and labor. The basis of feudal empires --power and glory. The world is a jungle full of threats and predators. Conquers, out-foxes, and dominates; enjoys self to the fullest without regret or remorse; be here now.

Where seen: The "terrible twos," rebellious youth, frontier mentalities, feudal kingdoms, epic heroes, James Bond villains, gang leaders, soldiers of fortune, New-Age narcissism, wild rock stars, Atilla the Hun, Lord of the Flies . 20% of the population, 5% of the power.

4. Blue: Mythic Order (Authoritarian). Life has meaning, direction, and purpose, with outcomes determined by an all-powerful Other or Order. This righteous Order enforces a code of conduct based on absolutist and unvarying principles of "right" and "wrong." Violating the code or rules has severe, perhaps everlasting repercussions. Following the code yields rewards for the faithful. Basis of ancient nations . Rigid social hierarchies; paternalistic; one right way and only one right way to think about everything. Law and order; impulsivity controlled through guilt; concrete-literal and fundamentalist belief; obedience to the rule of Order; strongly conventional and conformist. Often "religious" or "mythic" [in the mythic-membership sense; Graves and Beck refer to it as the "saintly/absolutistic" level], but can be secular or atheistic Order or Mission.

Where seen: Puritan America, Confucian China, Dickensian England, Singapore discipline, totalitarianism, codes of chivalry and honor, charitable good deeds, religious fundamentalism (e.g., Christian and Islamic), Boy and Girl Scouts, "moral majority," patriotism. 40% of the population, 30% of the power.

5. Orange: Scientific Achievement (Enterprising). At this wave, the self "escapes" from the "herd mentality" of blue, and seeks truth and meaning in individualistic terms--hypothetico-deductive, experimental, objective, mechanistic, operational--"scientific" in the typical sense. The world is a rational and well-oiled machine with natural laws that can be learned, mastered, and manipulated for one's own purposes. Highly achievement oriented, especially (in America) toward materialistic gains. The laws of science rule politics, the economy, and human events. The world is a chess-board on which games are played as winners gain pre-eminence and perks over losers. Marketplace alliances; manipulate earth's resources for one's strategic gains. Basis of corporate states .

Where seen: The Enlightenment, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged , Wall Street, emerging middle classes around the world, cosmetics industry, trophy hunting, colonialism, the Cold War, fashion industry, materialism, secular humanism, liberal self-interest. 30% of the population, 50% of the power.

6. Green: The Sensitive Self (Humanistic). Communitarian, human bonding, ecological sensitivity, networking. The human spirit must be freed from greed, dogma, and divisiveness; feelings and caring supersede cold rationality; cherishing of the earth, Gaia, life. Against hierarchy; establishes lateral bonding and linking. Permeable self, relational self, group intermeshing. Emphasis on dialogue, relationships. Basis of value communities (i.e., freely chosen affiliations based on shared sentiments). Reaches decisions through reconciliation and consensus (downside: interminable "processing" and incapacity to reach decisions). Refresh spirituality, bring harmony, enrich human potential. Strongly egalitarian, anti-hierarchy, pluralistic values, social construction of reality, diversity, multiculturalism, relativistic value systems; this worldview is often called pluralistic relativism . Subjective, nonlinear thinking; shows a greater degree of affective warmth, sensitivity, and caring, for earth and all its inhabitants.

Where seen: Deep ecology, postmodernism, Netherlands idealism, Rogerian counseling, Canadian health care, humanistic psychology, liberation theology, cooperative inquiry, World Council of Churches, Greenpeace, animal rights, ecofeminism, post-colonialism, Foucault/Derrida, politically correct, diversity movements, human rights issues, ecopsychology. 10% of the population, 15% of the power. [Note: this is 10% of the world population. Don Beck estimates that around 20-25% of the American population is green.]

NOTE: Each type 1-6 has little to no empathy for anyone below it. Well, type 1 doesn't have empathy for anyone, period.

7. Yellow: Integrative . Life is a kaleidoscope of natural hierarchies [holarchies], systems, and forms. Flexibility, spontaneity, and functionality have the highest priority. Differences and pluralities can be integrated into interdependent, natural flows. Egalitarianism is complemented with natural degrees of ranking and excellence. Knowledge and competency should supersede power, status, or group sensitivity. The prevailing world order is the result of the existence of different levels of reality (memes) and the inevitable patterns of movement up and down the dynamic spiral. Good governance facilitates the emergence of entities through the levels of increasing complexity (nested hierarchy). 1% of the population, 5% of the power.

8. Turquoise: Holistic . Universal holistic system, holons/waves of integrative energies; unites feeling with knowledge; multiple levels interwoven into one conscious system. Universal order, but in a living, conscious fashion, not based on external rules (blue) or group bonds (green). A "grand unification" [a "theory of everything" or T.O.E.] is possible, in theory and in actuality. Sometimes involves the emergence of a new spirituality as a meshwork of all existence. Turquoise thinking uses the entire Spiral; sees multiple levels of interaction; detects harmonics, the mystical forces, and the pervasive flow-states that permeate any organization. 0.1% of the population, 1% of the power.

With less than 2 percent of the population at second-tier thinking (and only 0.1 percent at turquoise), second-tier consciousness is relatively rare because it is now the "leading-edge" of collective human evolution. As examples, Beck and Cowan mention items that include Teilhard de Chardin's noosphere, chaos and complexity theories, universal systems thinking, integral-holistic theories, Gandhi's and Mandela's pluralistic integration, with increases in frequency definitely on the way, and even higher memes still in the offing.... ... namics.htm
Public school and the people in it are fake as shit. Money and workaholic culture replaces healthy social interaction.

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