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Why are there so few young men

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Why are there so few young men

Post by Kradmelder » December 29th, 2016, 9:36 pm

The similar thread about lack of women made me think of this. When i was young in the 80s the opposite was true. Every young white man went off to the army, the police, or if he he was a pathetic wanker, emigrated to avoid his duty.

The army ones went to the border or camps with just men. The police, well some young white men were around, others got posted to the border or black areas.

The only young white men around were who had already done their duty or those with temporary student exemptions. That means women far outnumbered men. And there few fat ones then.

So some young white men at home were swimming in kunt. What did women do? It would make sense to try keep your man as each man back home had his pick. Only some could tap into potential future income from those at university with student deferrment. Those men pomped their lungs out.

Women then married and had kids young. Early 20s. So they looked for what dick they could get. Many many dumped their men and husbands who went to the border. In the most indecent manner when they on the border. So men back home also had a few women going as women would hop on dick and a week later send a letter, sorry. I couldnt wait. I met someone.

What happens when a man comes home and by chance his wife or gf is still there? Well all he wants to do is pomp. His mind is still back on the border and his mates. The last thing on his mind is to listen to her shit about her suffering when he has seen and endured real suffering. He cant listen to this. So this heifer also starts thinking maybe i should dump his ass. He is probably cheating and doesnt care. Cheating with what? Bush kaffirs? So as soon as he is gone again, she is looking for other cock.

The end result is even with a flood of kunt everywhere, there is almost no decent one to be found who wont fark you over.

It wasnt always this way. Men would go away and do their duty and women would run the home and wait. Now they just wait for something better to stick the knife in your back.

It is actually better when there are no women around.

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Re: Why are there so few young men

Post by yick » December 29th, 2016, 9:44 pm

Those days have also gone, you are out on OPs and you are ready to string the post corporal to a tree because you think he is 'f***ing around' with your letters from home! :lol: Of course the bitch isn't writing until she does write to tell you its over.

How many lads have you given a pat on the back to as they are sat there crying at the edge of their bed, how many times have you (we?) been that guy sat at the edge of our beds?

Which is why squaddie bints (well, British ones anyway) are traditionally ugly, because when you get home, you know no-one would have the stomach to f**k them! :lol:

The days of queueing for a mile at the phone booth and threatening the post corporal are long gone, these days its emails, texts, f***ing skype. Has it changed anything? Who knows, huh? :?

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Re: Why are there so few young men

Post by Kradmelder » December 29th, 2016, 9:57 pm

Those days are not gone. Many saffer men in the middle east. So are American men. All the electronic media makes it even easier for their women to fark them over.

Even the fat ugly ones. I had a mate who had a fat ugly one. He was sending the money home for his family. He got home and the money all spent and 2 weeks later she was gone. Another bank called him to say the bond on the house not paid. She was taking that money and spending it on men.

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