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An Ode to Marxist Bullshit

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An Ode to Marxist Bullshit

Post by Eric » January 4th, 2017, 5:35 am

This is an ode to Marxist bullshit. Marxist bullshit, always ruining everything and ruining my whole life and lives everywhere. How you are...creeping under every thing, in every place - to every ear, all over TV. How confusing you made my life for me...when I was vulnerable I was lost, just searching for answers - there you were to mislead me. What an abominous evil you are...
Of course, it was easier for me to take an easier way out, and half the blame should be on me. But you tempted and lied, deceived me...with your false lies and mis truths, false information. I blame myself because I know and I shouldn't have chosen. I honestly wish I would've known about the Jews a long time before, I'd rather have known the truth... It would have spared me suffering.

When there's nothing around you but printed lies, false info and attacks on the truth - Even the narratives presented as "correct" are everywhere, the all present the same lie. They attack the same thing. When you're young, you can't discern or make sense of what's being lied to you about, or what's truth.
Even though have a vague sense underneath of what's right. When all you're presented with by "experts" is wrong, false and lies. ..YOu can't make sense of anything. You cave, break and you give. It's a form of brainwashing when you're not presented with real, accurate information;

Or, when that information is actively dismissed, attacked and ridiculed. I know in my heart what's right, and I know I have to fathom the choices I make. I find it hard to believe I live in a world with such evil, though. That's the real struggle.
To forgive is to forgive and to live again....
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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