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Anti-Christ is a Fail-Safe of Satanic Bible

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Anti-Christ is a Fail-Safe of Satanic Bible

Post by starchild5 » February 10th, 2017, 3:39 am

THINK about it.

I just cannot wrap my head around this Anti-Christ thing. Who would do such a thing?

The first one would not create Antichrist....The second one will.


Consider, Winston as God and HappierAbroad as his Bible.

Now, I would as Satan start a similar project in India, copy all his words and ideas and start a movement in India BUT I would be very afraid of Winston. What if he finds out, my gig will be up in India.

So, As I know who Winston is aka God, and he will eventually find out my fraud...I would create a Fail Safe in Indian Happier Abroad forum called Anti-Winston.

I would warn everyone to be careful of this Winston guy. I would say, he would pretend to be like me, say all that I have said and more. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM, he is a deceiver, he will tell you more than I did, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM, as he is a false prophet...see I warned you that he will come one day...that's why we have a separate thread called Anti-Winston.


If God aka Winston created Bible aka HappierAbroad ..He wouldn't have Anti-Christ aka Anti-Winston in it.

Do you see any Anti-Winston Thread in this forum :lol: to warn you of a fraud called Winston.


If you think this is illogical. Its guaranteed, Winston will never have Anti-Winston thread as long as he lives on earth because he is the Original, the first one..He don't need to create Anti-Winston threads..because he knows, there is none like him.

Imagine, if Winston creates an Anti-Winston thread. Immediately we will know something's not right.

But, me being a fraud would create Anti-Winston thread in India. I'm not the original one....I'm a thief, fraud...I would be afraid what if the Original one finds out hence you have this illogical Anti-Christ in Bible.


By the way, I'm a roman catholic christian myself and have studied enough bible in my past. I'm not a Hindu or a buddhistic and in third world countries, people are more churchy...so I'm sure, I have visited church more than most of you, because third world folks are more brainwashed. :D...so don't come with you don't know anything about Christianity or bible...for I have studied Bible aka Satanised enough :)

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