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Do PUAs even exist?

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Re: Do PUAs even exist?

Post by Nailer » February 18th, 2017, 4:44 am

That would imply that you yourself are the cause of the failure. I don't need to "learn" to be "good enough". I am way better than these bitches. f**k this shit.

Coming back to life.

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Re: Do PUAs even exist?

Post by Adama » February 18th, 2017, 12:50 pm

I think first a person must know who he is, what he is capable of. This is something he has a duty to himself to fully discover. This is not a matter of being deemed worthy or unworthy. It is just a matter of figuring out what the path of our lives are, and then getting with the script, instead of fighting it or living in ignorance of it and wandering aimlessly.

Most men don't know who and what they are. They don't know what they're capable of. They can't see the path they're supposed to be on, and they're wandering aimlessly. All I am saying is that examining the patterns in life with respect to women will reveal all of these things.

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Re: Do PUAs even exist?

Post by Zambales » February 18th, 2017, 2:30 pm

Nailer wrote:Why should I have to jump on one leg in a constant cycle of self-improvement? Why aren't these bitches chasing me, or at least meeting me halfway? f**k this bullshit.


Self-improvement? I think they're the ones who need to do the improving.

You gotta feel sorry for the guys that are oblivious to the joys of foreign ladies and have to endure this kind of shit.

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Re: Do PUAs even exist?

Post by retiredfrank » February 19th, 2017, 12:53 am

To address the initial post, GManifesto was a notorious fake, as are many of the other big-talkers over at the RVF circle jerk.

They actually had an interesting debate at the circle jerk recently about what "game" actually is. I couldn't participate, since I was long ago banned from RVF, but my answer would be as follows. Since "game" is not a term your grandfather would have used to describe the process of finding a girlfriend or wife, then anything your grandfather did is not part of game. In particular, dressing nice, taking a shower before a date, keeping your body trim and muscular, having a well-paid job and skills to find another job if he loses the one he currently has, being an interesting and pleasant conversation partner, taking the initiative of asking the girl out rather than waiting for her to make the first move, etc are NOT elements of game, no matter what Roosh the douche and the other PUAs say. On the other hand, your grandfather would have been ashamed of himself for "negging" a girl or delaying responses to the girl to avoid looking over-eager or pretending to be an irresponsible hoodlum when in reality he has decent morals. So all these behaviors ARE elements of game.

Another way to look at things is to consider that the market for romantic partners resembles the employment market. Behaviors which no one, not you not your grandfather not even PUAs, would engage in as part of the employment process (whether as applicant for a job or employer screening applicants) but which are common in the modern process of seeking romantic partners, are game behaviors.

Game at its best is a defensive reaction to a pre-existing perverse dating environment. Game at its worst exploits inefficiencies in a non-perverse dating environment, so that the women feel used and then start acting like women in the perverse dating environment, thus poisoning the waters for everyone.

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