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American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

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American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby Mercury » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:24 pm

Consider this scenario;

You're at a Bike Night. And let's say you are autistic or have mental retardation. Basically something similar to, let's say, what Lennie Small in the 1992 movie "Of Mice And Men" had. The street is lined with hundreds of festive motorcycles. Vendors all up and down the street are selling neat gadgets, clothing, and food. You went there alone and have been walking around all by yourself for who knows how many hours, taking in the sights, and having a couple brief interactions with a few different people.

It's just after sunset. You meet a really cute, beautiful skinny young woman whom we'll call Ashley while looking at a couple fancy motorcycles. She is taking pictures with her smartphone and enjoying an orange Fanta soda. You introduce yourself to her. She introduces herself to you. You and her sit down. After chatting, her enjoying her soda, and her adding you on Facebook on her smartphone, the both of you get close and start touching each other. And let's say you explain to Ashley that your favorite place to touch a woman is under her chin. And Ashley's "under-chin" is really sexy; from the top of her neck to the back of her chin bone it comes down at a diagonal angle and then bends to horizontal with her Digastric muscle tendons often visible at the very back. Basically, it's the exact same shape as that of the woman pictured at And you start stroking the fleshy area behind her chin with a gentle touch. Ashley holds her head up, facing directly forward, closes her eyes, and smiles.

Ashley; "That feels very relaxing when you do that. It really does."

You; "You really are sweet. I'm glad you like it."

Ashley; "Awwwe. So are you."

You continue to stroke her under her chin and then put your index and middle fingers together, put both gently under her chin so they "fill" the indented area between her chin and the top of her neck, gently feeling the tendons in the back right at the top of her neck.

You; "You feel nice and firm under there, especially the tendons in the back."

Ashley; "You like that?"

You; "Yes. I like that, it feels nice."

Ashley; "Awwwe."

You stroke her throat for a bit and then;

You; "Ashley, would it feel good if I gently put the back of my hand under your chin?"

Ashley; "Yes. You go right ahead, sweetie!"

So you gently rest the back of your hand against her chin. The shape of her neck/throat results in a small air space above the back of your hand where under her chin and the top of her neck converge.

Ashley; "That feels so relaxing. I could meditate with you doing that."

Ashley closes her eyes while you gently rest your hand against her "under-chin" area. She even caresses the palm of your hand for a bit more pressure under her chin until the back of your hand closes the air space in back and gently pushes against the tendons in the back of her throat.

Ashley; "I can feel a sensual tingling spreading up the sides of my face. I think I'll meditate while you keep your hand under my chin."

You; "Under your chin feels really nice and firm. And especially I love how the tendons in the back feel resting on top of my hand."

Ashley; "Awwwe! You are so sweet! And your hand feels really good under my chin."

And so she meditates, placing her hands on her lap, holding her head straight up with her eyes closed, smiling with your hand pushing under her chin. She especially enjoys the tingling sensation she described as just about the entire bottom surface area under her chin rests full contact on the back of your hand, both tendons in back gently lifted by the gentle pressure of your hand.

You; "I wonder if the straw that came with your soda might fit through the air space under your chin that is now occupied by my hand."

Ashley; "Yeah. Only one way to find out, isn't it."

And so you slightly rotate your hand under her chin so the shape of her throat once again results in an air space in the back. You take the straw that came with her soda and slowly but gently slip it through the air space between the back of your hand and the back of her throat. She doesn't notice it until you close the air space and she feels the round shape of her soda straw under her chin.

Ashley; "Woooh, yeah. That feels quite weird but good at the same time." (Laughs)

You; "Yeah. Certainly does."

Ashley; "That feels very unique."

Suddenly you feel a hard bump on your back. You are broken out of your romantic state to see two burly police officers with guns drawn standing over you.

You; "What the...?"

Officers; "What's going on here!?"

Jolted out of her meditation as well by the sudden appearance of the police, Ashley reacts.

Ashley; "We were just getting to know each other, what are you guys doing here?"

Officers; "We saw this gentleman you are with by himself earlier on the surveillance cameras. And crimes occur when people like you get friendly with guys like him."

Ashley; "But officers, it's not right to be anti social. This guy was lonely and he needed someone to hang out with!"

Officers; "Ma'am, you're going to have to leave right now."

Ashley is escorted away by another officer and then you also make a move to leave and go with her but the officers stop you.

Ashley; (to you) "We'll meet up later..."

Officers; (to Ashley, cutting her off) "Do not speak to him! No goodbyes! Otherwise, we will arrest you for disorderly conduct!"

Officers; (to you) "You can NOT be following her! You need to stay here. No! No goodbyes!"

You; "So in other words, you're telling me, (raising voice so most of the crowd can hear) It's a capital felony under Federal law, FBI and Homeland Security enforced, punishable by 175 years to life in Federal prison without parole and/or the death penalty, for guys to mingle with women in the United States of America! Use of deadly force authorized!"

Officer; "Put your hands behind your back! You are under arrest!"

Due to your mental disability, you finally break and freak out like mad. The officers piledrive you into the pavement and taser the blazes out of you until you are unconscious. You wake up hours later in a 4 by 6 foot concrete cell, severely bloodied and bruised. A guard then comes and tells you that, although the sexual assault charge has been dropped per Ashley's orders, you are being charged by the police with resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, and disorderly conduct, that you are being held without bond, and even that Ashley is forbidden to visit you and also forbidden to try to bail you out. You are also told that you are facing at least 55 years minimum in prison for your tirade at the Bike Night. This really causes you to go bananas again. Now you know that you will never see Ashley ever again, nor will you ever be able to log onto Facebook to accept her friend request. Her last words to you of "We'll meet up later" getting cut off by the police echo through your mind. You kick and pound the heavy iron door to your cell and make a loud racket. You wail against the security officers. You assault even more police officers including prison officers. You try to escape but fail. You have countless outbursts while in prison. In court, they throw the book at you and you get life in prison without the possibility of parole. Barely one month into your sentence, Ashley tries to come and visit you. But she is bluntly turned away and told that you personally have been permanently banned from ever having visitors. They even tell her; "No, not even 15 years from now are you allowed to visit him." Three years later, after more violent outbursts resulting in severe injuries to prison staff and heavy property damage, even several electrical fires from electrical fixtures you destroyed, there is a new trial for your behaviors in prison. And this time the judge hands down a far stiffer sentence; 60 consecutive life sentences in prison, 25 of which are to be spent in solitary confinement/administrative segregation 24 hours a day, being only allowed to leave your cell no more than 5 days out of every year, and the judge has also ordered you permanently isolated and quarantined from all female persons; only male staff is allowed to work with and near you. And literally, this time you know that you will spend the rest of your entire life confined to a 4 by 6 foot concrete cell with a heavy steel door, 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. This time, it's over; the rest of your life is now defined by four walls of steel reinforced concrete and a heavy steel door. No windows to the outside world, no sunlight, no fresh air, no visitors, no chance ever of parole or release, no Ashley, nothing. And you will never, ever see another woman again for the rest of your life, either. And you realize that the words "We'll meet up later" were the last words you would ever hear from Ashley. This time, it literally appears as if death is the only way out.

In the meantime, Ashley files lawsuit after lawsuit against the police and the government for imprisoning you, trying to get them to realize that you have a mental disability and that you can not handle confinement. Especially when she learns of you being given 60 consecutive life sentences in prison. But unfortunately, she loses every one and is even threatened with arrest and imprisonment.

Officer; "The guy who was touching you under your chin that night is an extremely dangerous, potentially deadly man. He has caused injury to several of our Correctional officers and damage to our prison facility."

Ashley; "Don't you know, he has a mental disability that makes him very scared and paranoid, especially of the bad things in this world like government corruption."

Officer; "We are never releasing him to your custody, Ashley. If our Corrections officers can not control him, neither can you."

Ashley has just lost her last lawsuit and goes home in tears. She starts a crusade to get you out of there, but it, too, fails. That very night, you break down and start kicking the door to your cell, creating a racket that wakes up half the segregation block. It ends with six officers with shotguns that burst in and blast you dead with two nearly simultaneous blasts, one from 4 officers, another from the other 2 officers. When Ashley sees that on the news the next morning, she breaks down and cries.

Or even this; you finally break and freak out. The officers open fire and take you down. You get really upset and then charge the officers, grabbing one of the guns, only to get flattened by MP-5 and RPG fire from a militarized police convoy that has pulled up to the scene. You immediately die of your injuries, and immediate, full military lockdown and Martial law is declared. Protests against police brutality erupt as a result of your death, including one led by Ashley, only to get carpetbombed by squadron after squadron of loaded F-16 fighter jets. Ashley is killed in one of the carpetbomb attacks. Now Martial law is declared nationwide and the entire country is put on full military lockdown.

It's really looking like, just by default, staying away from all females, especially friendly women, in America by itself means the difference between remaining a free man and spending life behind bars, facing execution, or even being taken down with maximum lethal force by a police/SWAT team's bullets, turning the entire neighborhood into a war zone, and causing a massive, widespread declaration of Martial law and military lockdown.
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Re: American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby MrMan » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:38 am

If it's a capital offense, why would you get 175 years in jail? Do they jail dead corpses now?

The dialogue about the underthroat thing, the comments from the girl, etc. seemed unrealistic. I got to the 175 years in jail and stopped reading.
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Re: American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby Nailer » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:54 pm

This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever read. You're a retard who enjoys grabbing women by the throat? You know the character in "Of Mice and Men" killed a bitch, right?
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Re: American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby Mercury » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:07 pm

Different people have different preferences of where to gently stroke a woman. Some like the legs, some like the thighs, some like the rear, some like the breasts, some like the arms, some like the neck, some like under the chin, some like the cheeks, some like the hair, it varies.
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Re: American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby Mercury » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:56 am

Guys better really flee from America hard if they want to mingle with women.
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Re: American police likely arresting guys for mingling.

Postby Teal Lantern » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:58 pm

Mercury wrote:Consider this scenario;
let's say you are autistic or have mental retardation.

Then it might take me a bit longer than the normies to figure out why Melissa bailed on her breastaurant job and blocked me on FB. :wink:
не поглеждай назад. 8)

"Even an American judge is unlikely to award child support for imputed children." - FredOnEverything
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