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Why r we raising a generation of entitled narcissist wimps?

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Re: Whyare we raising a generation of entitled narcissist wi

Post by Wolfeye » April 25th, 2017, 4:33 pm

See, I figure feminism is this way: "The man's always hurting you & if you don't listen to the leadership woman, you're oppressed & down-trodden & it falls to us to help you." Never mind autonous decision-making or any of the stuff they sales-pitch. I think it's destructive because it's vitiating to women & that effect screws things up for the man & any children involved- possibly it radiates to the general community if it's a large-scale situation, but it would likely impact her family as a minimum.

The Jews seem to have two sets- the blue-collar & the ivory tower. The blue collar are perfectly capable of having hospitable relations with non-Jewish people & might love them as family (seems particularly true of those with mixed families). The ivory tower style is fuckin' horrible. They seem to be completely parasitic & act like enemies. They have such a propensity to try to hijack lives, it's like they just think "demon" all the time.

Come to think of it- the factor of non-Jewish people giving them the key for all this isn't mentioned much. The people that give them free reign to do these sort of things are generally white, in the history of this country. Wasn't Puritanism called "New Jewry?" Or was that Protestantism? Also, how the hell did a small tribe out in the desert ever get so extensive- it wasn't like there was telecommuting or airplanes back then, so where did they get the tie-in? I never heard any history on them that connected them to the rest of the world- just the Middle East & then they're somehow involved in money in all sorts of countries.

And who introduced the idea of money to all these people that didn't have it to begin with? I've got to imagine the Celts or whoever LEARNED it from someone. Trading is kind of an immediate idea that a lot of people have, but a universal trading piece that's the exclusive means to do transactions with (that makes the other stuff useless for that purpose) & the people depending on that entirely for trade (which they are entirely dependent on for even basic survival)- that seems like a sabotage attempt.
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Re: Whyare we raising a generation of entitled narcissist wi

Post by Adama » April 25th, 2017, 5:21 pm

Kradmelder wrote:
Adama wrote:At my current office building, I was just looking at the names of all the lawyers. You'd be amazed at how stereotypes are true. Guess who comprises much more than their representation in even the local population. One guess. Anyone who can't see this is willfully blind.

And as for men in the family, remember that Satan tempted Eve to get to Adam. And for those of you who don't hate God, also remember Samson, whose first wife betrayed him and whose girlfriend (fornication partner) Delilah (the second woman in his story, who wasn't his wife) also betrayed him because she was promised riches.

You must first bind the strong man if you want to spoil his house. You use the woman to bind the man. Empower women and that disempowers men. It destroys them both, because, just like the angels that came out of their place, when women rebel against their husbands and against God, it destroys their souls. It doesn't just destroy children and men and boys, but women who seek their own glory instead of the role God gave them. Many women are drunk on this power.

And also, if you remember Molech, the false god which demands child sacrifice, then take a look at feminism and its abortion, also sacrificing of children. Feminism is nothing more or less than veiled Satanism and the worship of women as gods.

There is nothing new under the sun. Just they have managed to do this world wide this time, and they have a death grip.

Now unless God is going to rain down fire and brimstone or send a great flood to cleanse the earth, this is the way it is going to be until the end of this age. There is no rescue from this. There is hope though, if you are not yet a reprobate hater of God, you can still get saved by believing in Christ by faith alone without works (that includes no works of repentance or abiding) because salvation is the free gift of God for believing in Jesus Christ (see Ephesians 2:8-9 and detailed explanation in Romans chapters 3, 4 and 5 for references to the free gift), and we are sealed by the Holy Ghost. Then wisdom and understanding is imparted from God. Good wives are also gifts from the Lord. That's what I am waiting for.

But if you love ungodly pleasure over the love of the truth which is God, then your chances dwindle.
Because law is a natural profession for jews. You produce nothing and swindle people for money. Screwing people for money is as kosher as a yarmulke.

Family law is even more jewish. Screwing white men is the butter on the bagel. My ex set a well known jew lawyer on me. I told her what kind of christian sets a jew on another christian. Ended up that jew saw his arse as he made too many false allegations in his greed.
That's unfortunate. False accusations are slander. Slander because of the love of money is even worse.

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