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Hate these Commie women

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Hate these Commie women

Post by Eric » April 27th, 2017, 10:53 pm

Anyone else can't stand these cold, hard, aggressive non-smiling chilly commie young women we see everywhere, now? I absolutely can't stand it - nothing affects me more. It's really uncomfortable - and it challenges my manhood I feel, just being around in presence of these women. Don't they understand that they're destroying the men around them? Nothing....except an off balance female - can throw the balance of a well balanced men, thats why these women are so dangerous,
they don't know they're doing it. But it pisses me off nonetheless.

I can't stand them.

I hate feeling this way. What do I do? Just avoid them..... but I hate hating my own women, this is terrible. They test my patience so much and it is exhausting and it does nothing to fill me up, but drains the sunlight right out from me. These women are a curse, I'm afraid to say it. Nothing gives me a chill more than them, and ruins me.

I absolutely hate how most young American women are. It makes me feel absolutely miserable. A man is a source of sunlight and warmth and light. A woman is supposed to be a flower, open, soft, kind and receptive. These women are hard and chilly and look mean and challenging.
Nothing will put a man on a defensive more than an insecure, neurotic looking woman, or a woman who's aggressive or cold and hard. Don't THEY f***ing UNDERSTAND THAT?

Jesus f*cking Christ.
Who's doing this, and why do they like it? Commie men and Jew men are for the most part weak and homos....that's what I've come to understand - they are jacked up and like it this way, is that right? Evil men are like this, because it comes from depravity. I hate this shit and don't want to see it anywhere.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Hate these Commie women

Post by BenT » April 28th, 2017, 3:36 am

I used to get angry at the statement, "If you don't love our country, leave it!" Now I see it as the best advice ever given.

I'm not an evolutionist, but do you really want to pass on your genes with such women? Stop worrying about the obvious destruction they're creating. Instead, consider it indicators of unfitness men never knew could exist.

Hair chopped off? Cats.
Liberal/progressive/antifa? Cats.
Doesn't need a man? Cats.
Mates with degenerates? Cats.
Obese? Cats.
Would actually go through with an abortion? Cats.
Treats men like crap? Cats
Has cats? More cats.

It's not a famine of femininity, it's a feast of brokenness no longer well-hidden. A woman's mind is an extension of her fitness as a mate, not just her body. It's not a "waste" when you see a pretty girl who's messed up. It's a trap you learned how to avoid.

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