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Brave New College Campuses

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Brave New College Campuses

Post by Eric » May 12th, 2017, 7:55 pm

I was just at UTSA today, at an office for something I had to do. The college was absolutely beautiful/stunning... gorgeous and absolutely clean and pristine. It was really nice and well taken care of. The thing I noticed is...the environment seemed sterile. All of the people looked and acted robotic. Nobody looked at each other, and there was a "sterile" feeling to everything.
I've noticed they're trying to create this Equal utopia environment, where gender doesn't exist. But, what I saw disturbed me. When you do that fist of all it damages men and women. I've noticed that to be a man in that situation felt really, really bad. You feel weaker, inferior - because in essense you have to lay down your power for females (who then abuse and use the equality to do anything/manipulate etc.) These beautiful women I saw were really pretty nasty people. I mean they just seemed cold and ruthless.

I think Equality doesn't work. I hated that and I wanted to get out of there. I feel sorry for these kids. How can this be a good thing? I mean it completely would change you to go there. It really "cucks" a man in a way not easy to describe. A lot of these young men learn to be obedient, passive and to worship the female in an unnatural environment - in my opinion. Although, in this mindset it is completely "natural" to them. I could really see and feel the potential for loss of autonomy and manipulation, that's what disturbed me the most. A man needs to lead his life... not be passive and especially not be passive or manipulated by females, that's horrible for self-esteem.
I wonder often how these young men have relationships with women, or what that must be like? It seems nervewracking and desperate. Honestly, they probably "hook up" a lot, but it's up to the whim's of the female. Once again a very bad situation.
Nobody really seemed happy there.

This is the situation, is that I could see any danger in adjusting to that environment, because when I did...when I was at school - I went out into the real world and had a lot of problems in a job. I got unfavorable remarks and views from people who hadn't been MARXIST indoctrinated, and didn't understand it/me. So I think, I see the danger in just converting to that lifestyle, even while there.
Anyone else have any other thoughts on this? It scares me.
I just don't like that feeling when people are playing with social engineering, in a way that's hidden or an agenda not outright. I've always been cautious, but now feel somewhat paranoid because I'm so aware of it. It even bothers me especially because these people are in jobs, too. And so many people seem to not care and realize, and it's kind of a strange and lonely feeling.
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Re: Brave New College Campuses

Post by starchild5 » May 13th, 2017, 2:52 am

College life was the worst 4 years of my life. You would not know how worthless it is unless you been in one. :D :D

College degrees are worth less, I would have saved so much not going to College and kept my sanity. Its all bad parenting. Our parents never knew better :idea:

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