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Is this just my imagination Or?

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Is this just my imagination Or?

Postby Eric » May 20th, 2017, 3:18 am

It seems like the public is so easily swayed to whatever viewpoint the press seeks to instill in it. I've really noticed it with the Comey thing, and with Trump in general. It also seems to me that there is a shakedown on Fox News to remove the most powerful iconic figures (O Reilly, etc.)... is this just my imagination? I'm tying these things together, I know. It's just this relentless pursuit and attack on right wing conservatives, or any one who stands in the way of the neoliberal global left.

It seemed to me that, in a matter of days, since the Comey story broke...public opinion has already shifted - and it appears to me to be dictated by the media, entirely. What I see is that, they implant the ideas they want you to have, then provide the viewpoints...and make you think they are your own, pretty soon everyone is saying the same thing - and that thing becomes the "trend",
to go against the "trend" is blasphemy and at that point you are labeled a bigot, racist, hater, etc.

Has anyone noticed this? is it just in my imagination? I've also seen how gullible and swayed the masses are in all this.

I do believe Trump is going to be impeached soon.
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