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Sterile Starbucks Environment

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Sterile Starbucks Environment

Post by Eric » May 27th, 2017, 6:39 am

I know this has been talked about before on this website, that doesn't matter - I couldn't find an existing thread about what I'd wanted to say, so I just made one. Why is it that in Starbucks coffee shops, or any coffee stores for that matter...girls are averse to talking with you? The younger the girl is the worse this gets. Today, I had a plump but cute Latina girl walk up to me and ask me cutely if she could borrow a pen...she had been eyeing me for a little bit, before. I responded in kind, and I guess it wasn't what she'd wanted - she kind of recoiled in a sort of apprehension or something...and slunk back off to her table. I don't get that. Part of my problem is that I have this 'military air' and what happens is it sometimes comes out when I talk, especially when I talk to girls...because, well it just happens then because I'm trying to be presentable I guess.
But it intimidates them and turns them off, I can tell. I'm trying to work on that. They love it, from a distance....they love how it looks, but when it comes to conversation that's another story.

But I notice that women are averse to talking in coffee shops. What is it with that? Another thing, is those groups of married young women that come and sit's like they're trying to show off that they're married and sophisticated and still hot. They piss me off because they ignore every guy that walks around them. It's a rude blatant in your face kind of arrogant ignoring.
The other ones are the business women that come in - they are particularly annoying, and hold "business meetings" where they talk about bullshit for about an hour and a half and, annoy everyone around them that can hear.
It's impossible to get any work done in these places,
as far as I'm concerned, they are just sunning booths for women to come and act narcissistic, congregate in girl groups .... and shun off men. It's real f***ing annoying, they are trying to run the damn place. My main point is that everyone looks at you like you've just broken the law or something, if you were to initiate flirting with a woman in these places. Why?
And what's with all the, I'm sorry, p***y acting men I see around me all of the time...they are distracting and it's depressing. There are so many of these weak, effeminate testicle-less guys, it's not even funny. It's sad and it's terribly depressing. I have to brush it off like some damn disease - these 'nice guys'. Starbucks depresses hell out of me. I'm going to have to avoid that place. Most women I see everywhere are less than attractive, I'm constantly having to make exceptions and lower the bar for myself...they're either fat or slightly busted somehow, or something. It's always something. The really hot ones are usually such complete bitches they are so loaded with issues. Today I even made eye contact with one in a friendly way, she just had on her face the meanest foulest scowl ever.
I let up a loud belch as she went through the door, to show my displeasure. ...

Guess I'm gonna have to go to clubs.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Sterile Starbucks Environment

Post by wingfeather » May 27th, 2017, 5:01 pm

I noticed that when Starbucks was a new thing, back in the 90's, people were receptive to socializing. These days nobody wants to really talk to a "stranger" at a Starbucks. It is not your fault.

Women of today have Tinder & OKstupid. They didn't have these things back in the 90's, and therefore had to make contact with real men... and were lucky to get just one man to grovel for them. But now they have hundreds of men at a time desperately sending them messages on these apps.I'm afraid you will experience the same reactions at bars or clubs. Why would they settle for talking to you, when they've spent most of their day getting the attention they needed from hundreds of men online?

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