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Airplane travel tips

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Airplane travel tips

Post by thangtamfive » July 27th, 2017, 5:02 pm

I just got back from an international trip. I went to a conference and must have walked 20 miles in a week. I live overseas, and it's disappointing to see how little public transportation is available in places in the US that really should have more of it.

I was walking a lot in dress shoes. I'd brought some crock imitation shoes for house slippers, and ended up just wearing those to walk to the conference. I kept my dress shoes in a bag. Some people saw me do it and said that was smart.

The thing is, I brought my athletic shoes, too, to wear on the plane and to wear when I wasn't at the conference. I realize now, I should have just worn my crock-like shoes with socks on the plane. That would have saved me from bringing an extra pair of shoes. The only problem I've had with not having athletic shoes is that one fancy schmancy hotel I stayed at in Hong Kong, the Langam Place (paid for by my employer), wouldn't let me work out with dress shoes on. I complained a the front dest and they let me lift weights. Most places don't seem to care.

Here is another tip, when you have your own screen and you can choose movies or shows, well before landing, the stewardesses want to take up headsets. Just play possum (play opossum?) I just take off my headset, pretend to sleep. She goes by. I can use my headset to finish watching a movie.

Also, if your luggage is a few pounds over, have they ever charged me? I've only seen them charge for very heavy bags. Does anyone know what the cut-off is before they make you pay extra, five pounds over? Ten? If you are afraid they will charge you, load your heaviest bag first and your lightest one last. When they try to charge you for the first one being too heavy, say, "That's okay, I'll just put some stuff into a lighter bag. If there is a line, the employee may just allow you on with slightly heavier bags to prevent the delay. I've been a few pounds over before, but I've never had to pay except for an extra box.

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