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The epidemic of Trauma in the United States

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The epidemic of Trauma in the United States

Postby Eric » August 4th, 2017, 11:31 pm

I've noticed there seems to be a lot of trauma in the United States - Literally everybody, everyone is traumatized to some degree. This is a thing going on that's not talked about ever. Does anyone else look around and notice that everyone in the U.S. seems to be traumatized. I mean seriously traumatized - trauma makes this country run itself. I look around and see traumatized people, families, traumatized angry drivers, traumatized kids in school. We know that trauma effects people drastically - and it is lasting and dramatic and sustained; the trauma that is inflicted by bosses and employers at work is then inflicted in families from traumatized parents to kids, messing them up with engrams for their life. Traumatized people traumatize others. It's a vicious cycle and one reason the US of A is so hard to live in. Trauma stays in an organism for its sustained life until that person dies, unless they face and process it, that's why it's so, so damaging - especially during developmental years. I just feel and see that this country feels like literally a living hell to someone who's living here if they are normal or sane. Traumatized individuals are everywhere - you can feel the vibes in the air and that's why nobodies good or fun to talk to anymore, or people don't have fun talking to each other. You hear it on the airwaves, turn on the news and hear fast talking heads spinning away, radio same thing; everyone's traumatized and that's why listening to the radio isn't relaxing and everything in the USA stresses you out. That's also why it's so effective to be used as mind control. Trauma is organizing. That's why the elite Illuminati gov uses trauma as a form of mind control in the populations via media, PC culture warfare and constant use of humiliation and ridiculing - this causes a trauma, an engram; that engram can be sustained on entire populations and especially through schools when it's done to kids while they are still developing.
Seriously f***ed up stuff. I have no doubt it's happening though.
I have no doubt that trauma is being used by the NWO elite to mind control people. This is very evil and it's got to stop. That's why mental health rates are rising in the US and around the world. I'm convinced the main culprit is indeed trauma. Elite satanists have known that traumatizing a small child will fracture their mind into slivers that they can then be programmed again and again. People repeat trauma and tend to repeat it, that's why programming someone through trauma is so effective; you literally control them. That's another reason promiscuity is so big now. It's also why people are so violent towards each other, afraid/hostile etc. People are repeating programming they've had over and over again. It's not that they like or want to be spiritually empty and go from one to another etc. It's that they are in a shock pattern that has affected them so much they can't stop having it. They told the minorities and blacks that whites hate them and they are evil, that's why many blacks having known no whites are instantly hostile to white men in particular. I couldn't understand this growing up but now it makes sense.
The only way to process trauma is to feel it on the animal level. You can't think it away, run from or dodge it. It's impacted on a core level of our being which is in the primitive brain and stored for safety so you don't die.
If you remove one existing engram at the core, then what happens is that all after that are erased like a hard disk also. So, basically anything you've racked up attached to that existing engram is gone. It vanishes. You deal with trauma by 'touching' it and experiencing it like a thawing while experiencing it, then it recedes and comes back a little bit. Then you do it again without defenses and that's how it's erased.
Since trauma is cumulative and adds on itself, If you've had trauma while young it will affect you and greatly had drastic consequences on your well being and life patterns. This is why it's so important to start now and heal the trauma in your life.
What do you guys think about this?
David Icke also talks about how angry evil energies are created to control the people and feed off of them. I believe this is what he's saying.

The USA is practically a living hell. I have experienced it, and it's even at home in the family. Unfortunately, we have to work on ourselves. If you've ever had any major traumatic impact on your life. It's real important to start looking at that issue and start working on yourself. Your life and all of your relationships will improve. You'll become a healed, whole person that you were meant.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.
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