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Countries that are less free than America.

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Re: Countries that are less free than America.

Post by Mercury » September 25th, 2017, 4:01 am

In China, you are forbidden to have more than one (1) child in your household. If you have a second, third, etc child, the Chinese police order you to kill it, and you face prison for non-compliance.

Cuba is a dictatorship. In a dictatorship, the government is literally free to do as they please, even if they want to put the entire nation into extreme poverty and cause widespread starvation while feeding their big bellies. Not to mention every single thing, down to the very words that come out of your mouth, are heavily and thoroughly monitored, and saying that the government has done something wrong will get you imprisoned and even executed.

In Saudi Arabia, single men and women are forbidden to mingle under national law. Also, women are forbidden under Saudi Arabian law to operate any type of wheeled device, including automobiles and even bicycles. Plus people are required to be covered from head to toe even when it is 120 degrees outside.

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Re: Countries that are less free than America.

Post by Man With a Plan » September 25th, 2017, 2:39 pm

Thanks for dropping an ounce of sanity in this sea of misery and devolution. Only a moron would think America is the worst place in the world. The fact that you had to make this thread speaks volumes.
The Grey Menace.

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Re: Countries that are less free than America.

Post by Yohan » September 25th, 2017, 6:30 pm

There are plenty of countries and USA for sure is not the worst place among them worldwide - otherwise immigrants would not line up in front of US-consulates in large crowds.

However USA is not the top-country either, it is clearly overregulated, the internal legal situation between its federal states is a costly mess, it has serious racial issues among its citizens - so far this large nation was not able to create a social minimum security for all its citizens, for example regarding health insurance and retirement allowances. Labor laws do not protect workers, a huge number of people in the service industry work depend on tips to survive, there is an unusual huge prison population but many prisoners are serving unusual long sentences even for 'crimes' which are not crimes anywhere else, and you really can make a long long list what is not in best condition in USA. Not to forget to mention international politics with USA creating international laws, because in USA it is like that and therefore teaching everybody it should be everywhere in the world like that...

Personal communication among people within USA is terrible, you cannot trust anybody anymore, and there is a strong tendency of ghettos, almost no-go zones, some places look like a slum in the 3rd world. Some people are remarkably poor, no jobs, all outsourced to abroad etc.

On the other side, no other country worldwide has so many military servicemen outside of its own territory fighting everywhere in this world some totally meaningless and costly wars to protect some 'rights' ....

However again, as a non-US-citizen, who is not living in USA, I still fail to insist that USA is the worst place in the world. There are for sure at least more than 100 countries which are worse, much worse.

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Re: Countries that are less free than America.

Post by Wolfeye » September 28th, 2017, 10:47 pm

I think a major thing is freedom in terms of social mores (if that's how to phrase it). In America, there are A LOT of social "lines" that can be crossed & there's no real way tell if someone actually believes them. A problem with this is that it makes people VERY unsure of each other & forming bonds are more difficult because of this- so is going about your general life, because there are so many social landmines & mirages.

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