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Under 30 Australia Work and Holiday Visa

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Under 30 Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Post by MrMan » September 25th, 2017, 3:15 am

I went to Australia recently. On the way to the airport, I got into a conversation with a few Germans sitting near me. They were there on a Work and Holiday visa. There were two girls, one guy. One girl was quiet. I think she was on the same visa. I don't know. The man and the woman were both there working as Au Pair (fancy word for nanny.) Yes, a guy got a job as a nanny. I wouldn't do that, and I wouldn't want to hire a male nanny either if I had a little one. (Though I wouldn't turn him down for being a man. It would be because I found someone better qualified..)

They were there on a one year work visa. They'd found their jobs through, which is like an Aussie Craiglist. Here is a blog from a girl who worked in Australia that contains links to relevant websites. ... or-a-year/

I don't know if you can get a decent professional job there, but I don't see why not if you are under 30 and fit the requirements.

You have to have several thousand dollars to do this, AU $5000 in the bank, travel insurance, and money for a ticket home or a return ticket. Read the requirements yourself. It's not for someone who has literally nothing.

If you have some money saved up and find yourself without a job or just really wanting a change, this is a possibility.

My experience with Australia is that it is a beautiful place. Where I went, the air is really clean, the city is nice, but they roll up the proverbial sidewalks at 6:30 PM in the part of town I was in, a big city actually. Food was maybe 150% the price of the US. So were the shoes I saw, but a local from another city said that was pricey. I went to the downtown shops. I don't think salaries are higher. It would be an interesting cultural experience. I had no trouble understanding people who spoke English (or Indonesian. I met some in the grocery store.)

Beet root on hamburgers is good. The food is remarkably similar to the US. They even have stuff to make tacos at the grocery store.

People seemed pretty friendly and laid back. I'm married, and I didn't try to pick up women. I could understand their accents well, and they seemed to understand me. I tried to put on an Aussie accent a few times. One guy told me it was pretty good.

Australia would be light on culture shock. At least in terms of layout, the type of products sold, etc., it would be similar to the US. But I'd say unless you are rich and you want to do this, have a decent job lined up, and be prepared to pay 150% to twice as much for everything. Consider that before accepting a salary and look up housing prices in the area you are thinking of working before you go there. If you have a lot of money saved up for a vacation for a year somewhere expensive, that's fine, too.

If any of you dudes want to be nannies (poor kids), if it's a live-in job, then you may not have to pay for housing, and possibly even food.

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Re: Under 30 Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Post by nomadphilippines » September 26th, 2017, 5:02 am

heard you can make quite a bit of money picking fruit....
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Re: Under 30 Australia Work and Holiday Visa

Post by Master » September 27th, 2017, 6:51 am

My only question is,

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