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Cheap & Low Tuition Countries for College

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Cheap & Low Tuition Countries for College

Post by MrMan » October 19th, 2017, 5:38 pm

I saw part of a Michael Moore documentary for a few minutes about free education in Europe. He showed the high quality gourmet food French children eat, multiple course meals that chefs serve them while they sit and eat for an hour. That was interesting. I wouldn't want the French sex ed teacher near my kids, though.

He went off to FInland, a top rated country for education. The teachers were against teaching to the test. Private schools are basically illegal, and parents did not have to shop for better school districts when they moved, they said, because the schools were all the same quality.

Then he looked into college. He went to a country named Slovenia, which boarders Italy, Austria, and Croatia. Apparently, they have a good education system. Moore was saying they had free college for American students. I have read otherwise on the web. Maybe it has changed.

Of course, Moore was interested in pushing how great these Social Democrat countries are. I saw what I suspect was a major exaggeration of what Americans spend on things that Europeans cover with taxes. He showed students demonstrating over having to pay tuition and said that is what students did when their governments 'fleeced' students in those countries. It's a left-wing entitlement mentality, IMO. But I digress.

For those interested in college overseas, here are some countries. ... e_partner/ ... ee-europe/

Brazil shows up on lists like this. But, unless you are going to teach Portuguese, how valuable is a developing country's degree? Some of the European degrees are recognized as valuable within global academia. For example, a degree from INSEAD from France is very reputable among those who know about business schools globally. But what if your potential employer does not? Unless one of your parents is from the EU, it is unlikely that you will end up with a full-time job in some of these European countries. So you may have to come back to the US for a job search.

I suspect INSEAD grads would do okay in the US. And if you go to a decent school in France, you can say you studied in France. That's cool. You are cultured. France is a developed country. But what about Slovenia? The education system may be good there, but if the employer hasn't even heard of the country, he may think it is one of those eastern European countries that may have a questionable education system.

Another consideration is the cost of living and whether you can work in that country. I posted a link to a site that had a list of foreign schools where you can take out US student loans. It is good if you can actually work and support yourself. If your parents are paying for it, if you can get an education for about $12,000 or $13,000 cost of living expenses, plus flights, per year from a good school in a developed country, that's probably a pretty decent deal.

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Re: Cheap & Low Tuition Countries for College

Post by Man With a Plan » October 24th, 2017, 4:38 pm

No replies. Imagine that! It's almost as if HA wants the easy way, rather than the better way.

Na. That couldn't be it.
The Grey Menace.

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