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Americans Have a Deranged View of Independence

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Americans Have a Deranged View of Independence

Postby Wolfeye » November 8th, 2017, 12:22 pm

I noticed something recently. I have no problem with family helping each other out, getting things for free from each other, even asking for things without some sense of being dead wrong. Americans tend to think almost in the fashion of "if someone saves your life they own you," but it's more like a failing or wrongdoing to not measure up to their concept of God (invincible, completely independent of all needs, conjures things from nothing).

What's scarier than the fact that they functionally think this way is that these people have wrecked other people's lives over this shit. How do they decide who was right & who was wrong? Presumptions, most if the time- based on whether someone seems high-quality or not. How do they decide who to support? Usually by who they'd prefer to be (although they frequently have an issue with those people, too- envy, fear, zero-sum thinking where more good for someone else means less good for them).

Probably a part of why people don't support each other most of the time- emergencies are exceptions because they're intense enough that people forget to do bullshit things in the heat of the moment. Unless those bullshit things are instinctual for them, they'll teeennnd to leave them behind.
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