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A commenter left a message on my blog, wondering what you guys think

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A commenter left a message on my blog, wondering what you guys think

Post by survivingIncelMan » November 26th, 2017, 8:37 pm

As a man influenced by Varg Vikernes I actually strongly disagree with him

"I think we have to talk about a race realist/genetic/HBD aspect of the problem of incel.

I divide the world into two parts, civilized groups and others. All civilized groups traditionally control sex and do not allow seducers to run amok. On the other hand others who happen to not have civilizations for whatever reason (this is not a moral judgement. Instead this simply means that they didn’t have the opportunity to develop a civilization.) seducers run amok. What you call “Eastern values” aren’t values of the East. Instead they are values of every civilization, including the West, the Muslim world and India. On the other hand what we have observed in the West now isn’t really “Western values”. Instead they are “natural values” or “savannah values”, namely values of early hominids in the African savannah. Note that there is nothing racial (and certainly not something inherently black) about savannah values. Instead they emerge wherever savannahs exist. The really why we have savannah values re-emerging in the West is that the Savannah 2.0 has re-emerged in the West. It is called the welfare state. Races and ethnic groups suited to one of the two sets of values have evolved to be genetically adapted to their respective sets of values.

Why do Northeast Asian guys not get lots of girls? Because Northeast Asia has been anything but the savanna. Arranged and even forced marriages were the norm and adultery was sometimes punishable by death. Furthermore there was little courtship. In such environments seducers couldn’t compete with providers, especially hereditary providers. Furthermore a harsh government and cold/temperate weather tends to weed out low-IQ and lazy people.

Now let’s talk about white guys. In white countries arranged marriages were the norm. The weather was cold or temperate. However there was courtship. Hence white guys are genetically providers though they are better at seducing on average compared to NE Asian guys.

We can also talk about Indian and Middle Eastern folks. They both had and still often have arranged marriages. Furthermore sharia curbs seducers by making adultery a capital offense. The weather is warm though dry weather in some parts of the Middle East favors high-IQ and diligent people. In both regions strong memes (mostly Islam and Hinduism) manage to curb seducers. As a result both groups are decent people in general. They are more seducer-ish than white folks but they are still reasonable.

Ignore the “shit test” for it belongs to the Savanna. Even Prisoners of the Savanna can be saved if they are properly integrated into a civilization in the north where snow falls and free mangoes don’t exist. In fact this is why all who are alienated from the Savanna exist.

We Northeast Asians don’t belong to the evil savanna from which our ancestors escaped from. Instead we belong to the civilized world. White folks don’t belong to it either which is why there are so many angry and intelligent white men. It’s not a coincidence that the most angry white folks are on 4chan, a website modelled after a Northeast Asian one, containing a lot of Northeast Asian art (anime) and owned by a Northeast Asian dude. The white guys who are most similar to us are those who are most likely to support the far-right for Prisoners of the Savanna are stealing white women. Indian guys and Arab guys haven’t been affected by Savanna Incel a lot but they won’t be spared either for the Savanna if not stopped can devour the world.

Let what belongs to civilizations return to civilizations and then let’s rescue those stuck in the Savanna by dragging them out. Eventually we will liberate all humans from it and then shut the Savanna down once and for all. Freeing prisoners from the Savanna is a noble act. However we must take care of our own lawn first before helping others taking care of theirs."

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