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Complain publicly about isolation, and Americans slam you really hard.

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Complain publicly about isolation, and Americans slam you really hard.

Post by Mercury » December 4th, 2017, 2:20 am

I'm sure it has happened many times before. A guy finally snaps and complains publicly, either on an Internet forum or in public, that there is no hope for single men to find love in America, and everyone just slanders him really hard, especially with phrases like;

"He's off his meds!"

"He's escaped from the local insane asylum!"

"Put him in a padded cell!"

And yes, even "He is a danger to all of us!"

Once again, American women see a single guy all by himself, they say; "Ah ha! Rapist! Sex predator! Serial killer! Kidnapper! Terrorist! Insane psychopath! Where there's smoke, there's fire!" And when he complains, they slander him like they think they are in North Korea and as though the guy even made a public threat to assassinate Kim Jong-Un and even blow up Kim Il-Sung's palace.

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Re: Complain publicly about isolation, and Americans slam you really hard.

Post by Master » December 5th, 2017, 9:49 pm

you like all those names are a bad thing.

You fail to notice that those same things happens within those same cliques. Just that it stands out more and its easier to spot when its done to one person.

I personally dont care. Its like in any country you go to. You start talking about how bad it is and your bound to get rushed for talking bad about their flag. Its all bs. Sure there are some people willing to speak their mind just make sure you know who are talking to.
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