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Re: Return of Ghost

Post by xiongmao » August 30th, 2018, 7:24 am

Back in China for a 2nd tour of duty. Will be looking for signs of the economy cracking.

The internet censorship has widened - even reddit is blocked now. Back in 2009 I could even use Google here (but it wasn't very reliable).

Muslims have largely been, er, disappeared. But we probably shouldn't talk about that. One good thing is that China is safer than when I first visited.

It's hard to tell what the sheeple think here. Much of their online conversation takes place using subversive memes.

If China collapses it will happen very rapidly. But history tells us collapses and wars never start where we most expect them.

P.S. Watch last year's Vietnam documentary, it's epic. Wonder if I could show it in class. I guess Commies kicking Uncle Sam's butt is a good story for the Chinese though.
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Re: Return of Ghost

Post by Moretorque » August 30th, 2018, 5:41 pm

From what I can see the Vietnam war was just to grind America down and make the elite and the military complex wealthier and more powerful, we really are waiting for the idiot mass collective to catch on to what these clowns are doing..... LONG LIVE THE SHEOPLE!
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