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In defense of individualism and feminism

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Re: In defense of individualism and feminism

Post by Mystery » July 8th, 2010, 2:15 pm

DiscoPro_Joe wrote:Enlightened individualism can largely be summed up in three steps:

Step 1. Clarifying one's values (especially the intangibles)
Step 2. Considering the consequences of one's actions in the short run and long run
Step 3. Doing what's best for oneself after thinking long and hard about all of that
That's a very masculine way of living life, and if you take magnets, you'll realize two positive poles can't be together. What's missing with this philosophy is the fluidity of life and the inter-connectedness between people.

There are two aspects of life. The masculine side of life is creative, you decide what you want and you make it happen. The feminine side of life is reactive, you flow with live, you follow your intuition and you allow things to come to you. It requires a balance but the feminine part is repressed in our Western Society, which you confirm with these 3 steps.

Every man and woman has both the masculine Yang and feminine Yin energies within them. The feminine inter-connected aspect of life is repressed within both men and women.
DiscoPro_Joe wrote:Classic feminism (which includes my favorite: Individualist Feminism) is based upon the notion that a person should live his/her life in accordance with his own individual nature, and not necessarily according to some dogmatically-prescribed "gender role." This applies to all areas of life, ranging from career choices to dating behavior to tastes in music & movies. Classic feminism also holds that men & women possess the same inalienable rights, and should be equal under the law.
We're coming back to the same point. Women live their life in accordance with their own individual nature, but the inter-connected, supportive, reactive and intuitive part of them is repressed! This has all the consequences that are discussed on this forum.

My two cents :)

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