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The eradication of lookism

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Re: The eradication of lookism

Post by flowerthief00 » October 21st, 2018, 6:28 am

Cornfed wrote:
October 19th, 2018, 7:24 am
I don't think they do. Even if half of men gave up on females in favor of dolls the females could still get plenty of sex and attention from the other half. We just need to overthrow the ZOG, punish the asshole traitors enforcing it and reduce females to slave status. That is the only hope.
You don't think if half of men gave up on females that wouldn't make huge waves? It's not as if the other half can marry two women each. Men don't even want to marry one woman any more (with good reason). Look at all the post-wall women today complaining that there are no good men to marry. Wait and see what happens when their numbers spiral out of control.

ZOG wha? I don't know what that stand for but I got the funny feeling the word "Zionist" is part of it.
Oh, so we need to make females into slaves? Please, come back down to earth.
You really don't understand market forces. Basically, these MGTOW types are trying to create a cartel situation where supply is artificially limited, in hopes of increasing the market price (what women offer in return). But if women improve their offer (by not being bitchy and fat) then men will re-renter the market and we are right back to square one.
Some men will re-enter the market, and if women improve their offer in order to make them do so by not being bitchy and fat, that would be a great thing!

But it will not end there. If technology continues to accelerate, eventually we will have synthetic companions so advanced that the pendulum will have swung all the way to the other side. Some day, I predict, women are going to find it difficult to get the attention of men and we are actually going to feel sorry for them because of it. Dolls are only the beginning.
The market-based solution is to import 20 million slim white girls instead of 20 million more aggressive brown men.

Of course no one will suggest this because western men tend to have this blind spot for solutions that actually work, and prefer to support suspicious viral marketing campaigns that look Jewish in origin.
Huh? Import 20 million slim white girls from where?

Oh no not you too. ARE THE JOOOS BEHIND THIS?
I hope that wasn't what you meant, because if it is then I'll have to stop talking with you. I have no patience for these conspiracy theories.

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Re: The eradication of lookism

Post by Nailer » October 21st, 2018, 6:35 am

So this did not happen? Come on kike, I thought your people were supposed to be smart. ... _Women.png

Also a "conspiracy theory":

Admittedly, previous generations of whites were so stupid you could literally tell them to their face that you were planning and working to kill them, and they would chuckle and hug you. I have no explanation for this. But the younger generations have functioning brains.

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