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In America, average friendships last but one year.

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In America, average friendships last but one year.

Post by Mercury » November 7th, 2018, 1:34 am

In the Comparison chart, it clearly states that, in America, friendships are superficial and fleeting, mostly a façade. And to be true, the average American friendship lasts but one year. You might hang out with them at the beach. You might hang out together at bars and nightclubs. You might see each other at concerts and city events. But after just one year, many Americans begin to distance themselves, put up walls, and become standoffish, twisted, and uncaring. And oftentimes, the friendship ends with that person's friends telling you to stay away and sometimes even police involvement. And in about all cases, they block you on Facebook.

In the beginning, there was a default ice barrier. But after a year of friendship and broken ice, they put up a new barrier made of welded steel. And they become worse than strangers again; they become enemies, they become a threat to your freedom. Even so-called "best friends" can become several nights in jail and ten minutes of shame on the news just waiting to happen. They can become a restraining order waiting to happen.

And in America, the average friendship lasts but one year. Even two years or longer is highly exceptional. Five years is phenomenal.

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Re: In America, average friendships last but one year.

Post by josephty2 » January 7th, 2019, 4:07 am

I never lived in the country/ rural areas. But yes I agree urban friendships tend to be short term than expected.

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