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Personal Attacks

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Post by kristy_571 » May 12th, 2008, 9:15 pm

I have ONE beautiful Daughter. I did say however, that WINSTON'S SON is beautiful. If I had both a son and a daughter, then I would be even more blessed. But unfortuntantly, God has only given me one child. :)
Welcome to Happier Abroad Basque. Have an excellent week.

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Post by kristy_571 » May 12th, 2008, 9:18 pm

Grunt wrote:
Jackal wrote:How about a truce, Grunt? I didn't mean to ruin your leisure time. I guess after my first debate here with Momopi and DiscoJoe, I mistakenly assumed that the other members here would be very similar to them.

I respect some of the things you said, and we can agree to disagree on the rest. In the future, if I'm really bothering you, you can just tell me and I'll stop probing you with questions. I don't think we need to get nasty with each other.

Although I probably seem liberal by Texas standards, I am barely liberal at all by New England standards. I have rarely ever been west or south of New York State, so I lack experience in talking to Americans from other regions.

I have no idea who Momopi and DiscoJoe are. I do agree we can disagree but remain amenable. My main issue is, I have seen other forums such as this taken over by females, slowly over time, up to the point nothing relevant can be put forth without comments from people that have never been to Eastern Europe or Russia, and are not male.

Another issue I have is, if females are so interested in putting their two cents in, and ostensibly correcting or guiding us flawed men, why don't we see those same females over at the feminist forums correcting the mountain of evil and wrongdoing there?

Just seems to me most females drawn to these topics may come off as smiles and butterflies, but their true aim is to muddy the water as much as possible. I tend to respond poorly to nosy browbeating females. I just feel that people should have first hand knowledge of a topic or at least learned understanding.
As I look at that post again, I do realize you have a point. But the problem is, is that I am a woman (which I am proud of by the way), and view it as an attack, and can only think defensively. However, when I read it again, without the emotional defense thing, I realize that you do have a point there, Grunt.

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Post by FuzzX » April 1st, 2010, 7:36 pm

Why the hell should you be proud? Are you saying you are proud to be an american female? I don't walk around telling people I'm proud to be a man, I'm proud to breathe air , I'm proud to walk on two legs..... you were born a woman, it's a fact. Be proud of an accomplishment! Just being a woman isn't an accomplishment although North American society would sure as hell like you to think it is.

I just heard this same bs at the university yesterday...go figure.

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