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Singles and matchmaking events are a waste of time and money.

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Singles and matchmaking events are a waste of time and money.

Post by Mercury » February 19th, 2019, 9:40 pm

Everyone at one time or another has heard of those events for single people at bars, restaurants, or what not, most commonly around Valentine's Day. They may have heard of those "Lock-and-Key" events. Guys, STOP wasting your time and money on those events. They are just not worth it.

Those Singles events at bars, taverns, and such including around Valentine's Day, they are an absolute nightmare for men. Especially in a nation that is about 85% men in population, those singles events often have only maybe 1 or 2 women, and enough men to fill Atlanta's Mercedes Benz stadium to capacity! You literally have thousands of men fighting over just one or two women, and oftentimes, those scarce women get the richest men with enough money to live in Hidden Hills, California.

And besides that, the scarce women that ever go to singles events are often upwards of 400 pounds easily, so nobody gets any dates out of the event. And the obese women that go to these singles events don't want any reminders that it is their own enormous girth that is keeping the guys away.

The "Lock and Key" singles events, although most have equal portions of men and women, many of the women once again are morbidly obese, so again, their enormous girth becomes a shield keeping the guys away. Many other women at Lock and Key events are senior citizens, often in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

In America, the beautiful, young skinny women find all of their dream men at bars, nightclubs, and concerts. And not only do they have the time of their lives with over 2,000+ single men to every one single woman nationwide, but they get their thrills knowing that when they meet that man of their dreams, when they move in together, their new zip code will be 90210. And I'm sure the guys who ask the beautiful ones out know that they better be brave enough to bolt face first into RPG, sniper rifle, and MP-5 fire and go down like a hero in a hail of bullets and explosions, and if he survives, he better take her to Beverly Hills, California.

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Re: Singles and matchmaking events are a waste of time and money.

Post by flowerthief00 » February 22nd, 2019, 1:13 am

All dating and courtship is pretty much dead now. You will not find your soulmate in a bar, on an online dating app, at a meetup, at a matchmaking event, or anywhere else. You will in all likeliness waste time and money.

If you really feel so incomplete without "her" you could try going overseas... But a better option imo is to just get over it. Life still has a hell of a lot to offer a person in a developed country, single or not.

A realistic love doll can help meet your desire for sex and companionship, and you can have one delivered straight to your doorstep. That is a lot easier than leaving friends and family to haul yourself off to some foreign land that may not turn out to be what you expected.
"Give dolls a chance" is the advice I'd offer a man in today's world.

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