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New introduction letter to my site, what do you think?

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New introduction letter to my site, what do you think?

Post by Winston » June 6th, 2008, 7:38 am

Hi all,
As some of you might know, I have many plans to improve and restructure this site. The biggest one is changing the front home page. It's too long and amateurish and the design looks like it's from the 90's. Therefore, I'm trying to create a sleek and shorter version of it with tabs and buttons to get everywhere else, like the other expatriate sites have now.

Then, under the new menus, I plan to put a short introduction letter. Here is the one I've drafted so far. Ok so it's not that short, but it flows and gets out the points I want to convey. So here it is. What do you think? How does it look? Is it too long or just right? What should I change or add?

New Introduction:

Hello, my name is Winston Wu. Welcome to HAPPIER ABROAD.

Are you one of the millions of men who suffer from loneliness, datelessness, and sexlessness in America, and feel powerless to do anything about it or are at a dead end?

If so, then you're not alone. Researchers estimate that one in ten men in America are perpetually lonely and live a life of involuntary celibacy. That's around 15 million men! They are unnoticed by the public media, so this is a taboo subject. But I've got GREAT NEWS for you. I have the CURE and SOLUTION. I've made an incredible discovery that will alleviate your situation FOR GOOD! No empty promises and no bull here. These are not mere words, but REALITY. This is no gimmick, BS seduction method, pop psych or self-improvement technique, or image enhancement prop. It is an actual CURE and SOLUTION to their chronic affliction that delivers and changes lives permanently. In fact, disappointment with it is virtually impossible. And best of all, it's pretty simple.

The problem though is that this cure I've discovered receives virtually NO PUBLICITY, certainly not in the media, and only very little on the internet. The reason is because this "cure" is considered taboo, politically incorrect, and goes against the dominance of the man-hating feminists in the media and social culture in America. As a result, the millions of Americans that this discovery would help do not know about it. That's why I've taken it upon myself to create this website to help disseminate this discovery, even if it means I'm going to be the only one. (After all, if you know something that will help millions of people that is receiving no publicity, shouldn't you do something about it?!)

This discovery and cure I speak of is actually quite simple:


Yep that's it. It's very simple yet it's the real and complete solution for loneliness, datelessness, and sexlessness in America. But it's simply out of our paradigm and box because we've been conditioned by our society and media to believe that everything that is of any worth, value or importance happens in America, and that beyond its borders everything is bad, horrible, dangerous, and filled with millions of people trying to get into America. In other words, America is the universe and only chaos exists outside of it. Thus, to seek answers beyond US borders is unthinkable to most Americans. This is the propaganda we've been fed, and nothing could be further from the truth, but you won't know it unless you go outside "The Matrix". Until you do though, you might need some convincing, and so that's where this website comes in. If you look over all it's material - photojournals, trip reports, pictures, videos, testimonials, etc - you WILL believe and know. The proof is undeniable, abundant, and speaks for itself.

Now I've been through 20 years of loneliness in America. (* Click here to read the story of my 20 years of loneliness in America that led me abroad) And believe me, I've tried everything else out there given as remedies for datelessness in America, from church groups, dance classes, special interest groups, clubs, various avenues of nightlife in the US, to dating gurus, books, seduction techniques, self-help courses, college fraternities, personal ads, internet dating sites, etc. I've tried it all. And I've heard all the BS pep talk from well meaning people as well. None of it made any real difference, fulfilled my desires, or delivered tangible results that met my standards. So if you're tired of all these pseudo-solutions too, this is the real answer. This is the "holy grail" you've been seeking.

Going abroad was the only REAL solution. You see, there are just way too many factors stacked against the average single guy in America these days that make seeking fulfillment from females an almost futile endeavor.

Here are the primary key differences between the dating scene and social life in the US vs. abroad.

In America:

- US women are generally paranoid, anti-social, and stuck up toward others, especially strangers. They interact with others only on an "as needed" basis and do not like to meet new people, and if they do, it's only through mutual friends.
- They have an off-the-chart sense of entitlement that makes them think they're too good for most guys. The majority of available women are gunning for the 20 percent of men at the top, thinking they deserve no less. This leaves around 80 percent of men without choices, forced to be either alone or settle for someone (e.g. fat and ugly) that isn't their top pick.
- For some reason, the average female has far more dating choices than the average male, who has little or none. Anyone can see this both in real life and in online personal ads, where women receive hundreds of times more responses than men do. And of course, they are far pickier.
- Women in America nowadays have a negative general view of men and hatred toward them, which is condoned and supported by the media. In fact, some women meet a different man every week and end up hating every single one of them, regardless of their looks or personality.
- Feminism and political correctness have taken over the nation, corrupting women and giving them a false sense of pseudo-power. And the political correctness that shields women from criticism allows them to get away with almost anything with no accountability.
- Deep down, they are not pleasant or happy people. Rather than being tender, soft and feminine, they act overly tough and behave like Nordic warriors.
- To make things even worse, obesity has become an epidemic, and fashion standards have dropped, decreasing the number of attractive women so that unattractive females now outnumber attractive ones.
- The whole US social scene is cliquish, closed, exclusive, and isolationist by nature, with work and consumerism being the only constants. A weird "ice barrier" exists between strangers in the US. People are disconnected from each other and interact on an "as needed" basis only. They do not generally like to meet people, and if they do, it's only through mutual friends. Hence, the average person's social circle is severely limited to a few. (In fact, the US is the only country I know of where you can be outgoing and sociable yet have no friends)

So as you can see, it's a losing battle and sinking ship, as well as a waste of time and life.

But in most of the other 200 countries outside the US, most or all of these factors are reversed.

In most countries abroad:

- Women are happy, not angry or hateful, and act more humble and modest.
- They enjoy flattery and compliments, and like being "hit on" or pursued, finding it manly and charming rather than "creepish".
- They do not put up unnatural defensive barriers toward men or strangers, but are open, approachable, sociable, and talk to strangers as if they already know them. They love meeting new people, and are not anti-social or paranoid.
- They are usually thin or height/weight proportionate and enjoy being feminine, acting feminine and dressing feminine.
- Also, they do not think that men are creeps or that women are superior to men and can do no wrong.
- Contrary to dysfunctional US females, they really do like NICE GUYS, supported by their ACTIONS not just their words.
- In short, they are the way women were meant to be, and are refreshing to the Western male.
- Best of all, normal men actually have CHOICES among attractive women in other countries, either just as many as the women do, or more. There are not millions of lonely depressed guys with no social life or female companionship and unable to do anything about it, like there are in the US.
- The social environment is naturally inclusive, so that one does not feel inherently disconnected from everyone else, even if they're alone (whereas in the US, you can be around hundreds of people yet feel totally alone, and you can also be outgoing and sociable yet have no friends, unbelievably).
- People generally like to meet new people, and social interaction is not limited to cliques or through mutual friends. It is normal to meet people in public situations. There is not a weird "ice barrier" between strangers like there is in the US. And people generally talk to strangers with a comfortable natural demeanor, as if they already know them. Thus, if you are outgoing and sociable, you are guaranteed to make friends.

All these things are a huge refreshing difference, a world of difference in fact. Though these differences are as glaringly obvious as the blue sky above, NONE of it receives ANY publicity in the US. You aren't supposed to know about them for some reason. And that's what this website tries to remedy, by getting this info out there and educating those who need to know.

So anyway, if you're one of the lonely, dateless, sexless men in America who has tried everything and are at a dead end, consider yourself lucky to have found this website. There are millions of lonely men in America with no female companionship or social life, who can't do anything about it, sitting at home during their free time, jerking off on the couch in front of the TV, eating potato chips or playing video games, and living in denial. Most of them will never hear about any of this. They will never know what they are missing beyond "the matrix", will never know about the abundant social and love life they could have, and will never experience the touch of a beautiful woman.

Though this phenomenon of millions of lonely men in America is real, it's a taboo subject that the media is afraid to cover, leaving the millions of people suffering from it being treated as though they don't exist. Well I think that's wrong and something should be done about it.

But who's going to share this "Gospel" with them? Who's going to tell them about the "holy grail" that will cure their lonely ailment and change their lives? The corporate media won't. The government won't. The schools and teachers won't (if they're students). Their friends, neighbors and coworkers won't (at least not most of them). Not even liberal Hollywood or its celebrities and stars will. Nor will the the newspapers, magazines, journals, independent news sources, television, or radio. Not even Howard Stern will tell them about it. Not even other expatriate sites will (they are only relocation guides or host property listings). Almost no one will.

But I will! :) (shouldn't somebody?)

Otherwise, there's only a slim chance they might find out about it somewhere on the internet or a friend tells them about it. The overall chances are very small, especially since they won't think to consider going abroad. During my 20 years of loneliness in America, I never heard about it either. So if you know any of them, please pass this website on to them.

I'll tell you, as many others in my shoes will, once you go abroad and experience all these things, you'll never want to go back and will be kicking yourself for not having gone sooner.

Besides curing loneliness, being abroad has many other benefits:

- Things are cheaper in many countries, saving you a ton of money.
- You'll become more cultured and refined, having a broader view of the world.
- You'll have rich cultural expreriences and adventures that most back in your country can't even imagine.
- Being in a different world will add more dimensions in your life.
- You'll cultivate a rich inner life and intellect that gives you peace of mine and inner joy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love America, the principles it was found upon, and all that it stands for, as well as the great things it's done in the world. But the reality is that for me and many men, America has the WORST social and dating scene in the world. And since my biggest interest is beautiful women and dating, I'm doomed to be unhappy, lonely, frustrated and dissatisfied in America.

Anyhow, if you've gotten this far, I thank you for your interest and for allowing me to present my case. If you are ready now, you can start by browsing the tabbed categories in the menu above. Each of them validate my claims in some way, through photographs, testimonials or trip reports, to the point of undeniability.

Through my *photojournals you will get to live through my eyes the eye-opening journey into Russia and Europe that changed my life. From my *fan letters and *testimonials from those living abroad, you will see validation that you are not alone, and that fulfillment awaits abroad. In my *ebook, you will can read a full comprehensive point by point presentation of my case of being "happier abroad" in many pages and chapters. In my *photo collages, you will get a mosaic full page glimpse of the joys and freedoms of being abroad. In my *forum you will get to discuss such these taboo subjects freely with others who feel the same way, and see that you're not alone. In my *bookstore, you can browse titles from regarding living overseas and becoming a successful expat. In my *calling card shop, you can order cards with low rates on calling overseas or domestically. And finally, in the *links section, you can see a list of expatriate sites that offer relocation info and property listings, as well as a list of international dating sites.

Winston Wu
Check out my fun video clips in Russia and video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!

See my HA Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us!

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

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Post by Jackal » July 18th, 2008, 9:17 am

Well, I think your introduction does a pretty good job of getting American men excited to go abroad, however it still doesn't mention any of the difficulties which can be encountered overseas.

It's not like an American man can just fly to a random foreign country and that the women there will just be begging to suck his cock for free. Some countries aren't too enthusiastic about Americans or about foreigners in general. In many countries, the women might be polite but hard to date. Only a few countries will probably end up being "just right" for a man in the long term. On the other hand, hookers are everywhere, and police often ignore them outside the US.

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