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Slain Woman's Baby Stolen by Another Woman

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Slain Woman's Baby Stolen by Another Woman

Post by foreignwomenonly » July 23rd, 2008, 2:32 am

"Kia Johnson, a sweet, book-smart 18-year-old, was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby boy, due July 30. She'd already had some sporadic contractions, relatives said, and baby shower gifts filled her apartment."

"she befriended suspect Andrea Curry-Demus at the jail, where the suspect also went to visit her husband, Raymond Demus, who is incarcerated there for rape."

"Ms. Curry-Demus, 37, was charged with homicide, four days after she showed up at West Penn Hospital claiming she had just given birth to a newborn boy, his umbilical cord still attached. Medical officials determined she had not."

"Court records indicate that Ms. Johnson's steady boyfriend, Terrell D. Barnes, 19, of Mc-Keesport, has been lodged at the jail since March 24 on two dozen charges from four separate incidents. The charges against Mr. Barnes, who also uses the name Terrel, range from burglary, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment to false imprisonment, possession of a firearm and terroristic threats." ... =hpmostpop

"Curry-Demus befriended a woman who had just given birth but later attacked her with a knife and tried to steal the baby, the paper said, citing the court records. The woman's husband intervened, the newspaper reported, and she fled.

The next day, she went to a hospital and befriended a woman who had brought her 3-week-old daughter to the hospital to be treated for meningitis, the Tribune-Review said. When the woman went home for the night, Curry-Demus left the hospital with the baby. It was found at her home, unharmed, the following day.

In 1991, according to the records, she pleaded guilty to various charges stemming from both incidents"

There are so many things about this story that jump out at me that I don't know where to start. Obviously, the victim, Kia Johnson, and her family didn't deserve to be victims of this brutal, evil crime. With that in mind, I couldn't help but notice that Kia Johnson, the "book smart", "sweet", "innocent" girl, in this story got knocked up by a bad-boy thug who is in jail for 24 different criminal charges. Calling her a "book smart", "sweet", "innocent" is irresponsible journalism. In reality. another American woman made horrible choices, with disastrous and tragic consequences. The victim met her murderer at the jail while they were both visiting their bad-boy thug boyfriends. It's not just black women who are making terrible choices, the same is true for woman of all races and economic backgrounds in America. For nearly 50 years women have been given every opportunity, benefit, and entitlement in America without ever being held the least bit responsible for the terrible choices that they make in exercising those opportunities, benefits, and entitlements. It's insane to give 51% of the population great power without demanding that they also accept great responsibility.

The second part of this story is about the female murder and kidnapper, Andrea Curry-Demus. It's not the first time that this monster, Andrea Curry-Demus tried to kidnap a baby. She had attempted to kidnap babies at least twice before. When an American man attempts to kidnap a baby, it's rightfully taken seriously, and dealt with harshly. When an American woman attempts to kidnap a baby, she received a slap on the wrist. When an American man kills and mutilates somebody, he's rightfully identified as a monster and receives life in prison or the death penalty. When an American woman kills a baby or a man, she gets a slap on the wrist 99% of the time. Even American women killing other women get a lighter sentence 99% of the time. It's insane to grant impunity for their crimes to 51% of the population. This is not the first American woman who cut open another woman to steal her baby like it was a piece of property... it has happened before: ... g_bab.html ... psp=news#-

If you follow the news in America, you will see stories every day about women murders, women child abusers, women teacher rapists, etcetera. It wasn't always like this in America... there was a time prior to the rule of Feminism/Misandry in America when husband murderers, baby murderers, female child abusers, female teacher rapists, etcetera were practically non-existent. There are still countries today such as Mexico, the Philippines, many countries in South America, and others where these acts of evil by women are still practically non-existent. In those countries, women are still held responsible for their actions.


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