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The One Sided Contract

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The One Sided Contract

Post by foreignwomenonly » July 31st, 2008, 5:16 am

Would you enter into a one sided business contract where all of the following where true:

* You knew up front that there was a 18% chance that your business partner would not be loyal to the business.

* You knew up front that there was a 90% chance that your business partner would commit fraud, extortion or embezzlement without you having any remedy.

* You knew up front that the business had a 60% chance of failure.

* You knew up front that if anything went wrong with the business that it would cost you at least 50% of your current earnings, and 50% of all of your future earnings.

Thousands of men enter into the exact contract above every day... it's called marriage in America.

At least 18% of married American women admit cheating on their husband ( At least 90% of married men report that their wives withhold sex from them, and 59% of married women admit to withholding sex from their husband ( ... power.html). However, men marry with the agreement that their future wife will provide sex. Therefore wives who withhold sex are committing fraud, extortion, and embezzlement in breach of the marriage contract, and also committing sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse against their husband, but the man has no remedy in court. Sex is in fact a key part of the marriage contract. For example, If a man cheats on his wife, she has a remedy in court to take at least 50% of his current earnings and 50% of his future earnings. However, when the woman cheats on her husband, it's simply "no fault divorce" leaving the man with no remedy in court. About 60% of all marriages total in America end in divorce. So, this is the contract that American men sign when they get married, a contract that gives all of the remedies to the woman and no remedies to the man. Now, the same contract is being put into effect before marriage: ... dumped.cnn

Men beware!!!... Think about the contract that you are signing when you date or marry American women, and remember that 90% of all American women still marry up (marry men who make more money than they do)!!!

You don't really need any study or survey to tell you about sexless marriages or women marrying up in America. All that you really need to do is observe what married men are saying, observe who they are marrying, and think about it.


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Post by momopi » July 31st, 2008, 5:22 pm

Sounds like starting any new business, lol.

According to the SBA, 33% of all new businesses fail within first 2 years, and 54% fail within first 4 years.

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Post by jamesbond » August 1st, 2008, 2:57 am

You just gave more reasons why men should not marry an American woman! :lol:

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US Marriage the Adhesion Contract

Post by DallasTexan » August 17th, 2008, 7:31 pm

Adhesion Agreements are one sided Agreements that are illegal. When the terms of an agreement are so one sided as to have no benefit to one of the parties. US Marriage is that way for Men now. This accounts for the Marriage Strike in US Men. But it is getting worse rather than better.

The Supreme Court of the State of NJ this year declared co habitation is not necessary for Palimony to be awarded to a Woman. We are headed toward Laws that will allow even casual relationships to result in income redistribution from Men to Women.

We have Men serving Prison sentences for arrearages on Child Support that are longer than Manslaughter Sentences. This is tantamount to Indentured Servitude. US Men who fall behind on Child Support are not allowed to leave the Slave Plantation. Slaves cannot be allowed to escape.

The Majority of US Men ignorantly believe it is the other guy who will be taken to the cleaners by Wifey. Until their day comes and they get keel hulled themselves. Then a horrible reality sets in. We also have rampantant Paternity Fraud in the US. We need another Boston Tea party.

US Women refuse to step up and demand Fairness and Equity in the System. And refuse to accept responsibility for their actions . So be it. US Men are under no obligation to support their enslavement and oppression by their Federal Government.

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