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Here is your chance to protest to our government about IMBRA

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Here is your chance to protest to our government about IMBRA

Post by Winston » August 12th, 2008, 6:42 pm

From Jim of

"Hi Winston,

Here is the chance to let the unconstitutional „Office on Family Victims" at the Department of Homeland Security know how you feel about the proposed wording of the IMBRA brochure that foreign women will be given at US embassies and consulates around the world.

The deadline for comments is September 19th.

Please go to and do a search for IMBRA. Then read the document and click on "Submit a Comment".

1) You might note that they should not assume what Congress "intended" when they passed the IMBRA law a few seconds before Christmas vacation in 2005.

2) You would hopefully stress that it was never proven nor should it be called a "fact" that women face a higher risk of domestic violence from men they meet via international matchmaking websites.

3) You might want to contest the phrase "marriage broker" as well if you wish.

Otherwise foreign women will be reading that Congress "intended" to save them from the "fact" that men who want to meet them are dangerous.

Please write your comment in Word or Outlook and then cut and paste into the comment box on the Regulations website because the website software is buggy and the site can hang if you try to write your entire document while inside their comments box.

I basically told them that their pamphlet will be ordered by the courts to be thrown in the garbage if they are not careful in their choice of words.

I specifically told them that they should not reference the part of IMBRA that deals with the introduction stage because this has the highest chance of being overturned in the courts.

My main points were that they should not waste paper by printing millions of copies of something that would later need to be thrown out.

I also noted that their jobs could be declared unconstitutional as the US Constitution does not authorize Congress to deal with domestic violence issues of any kind.

Please comment yourself because we must have sufficient numbers doing this. Note that their comment page has a software bug: Write your comment in Word or Email first and then cut and paste the comment into the comment box and then submit.

Please post the above instructions on blogs and forums if you can as well.

Jim Peterson

Veterans Abroad"
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