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Attn: Seeking Plaintiff to fight IMBRA in US courtroom!

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Attn: Seeking Plaintiff to fight IMBRA in US courtroom!

Post by Winston » August 14th, 2008, 9:57 pm

Details below. If you can serve as a plaintiff against IMBRA in the US courts, contact me and I will put you in touch with the person in charge of this project. Or post your interest and questions in the forum link below.

Here are the latest details of the plan discussed in the forum: ... 1&start=10

From Jim of

About IMBRA: Your members should Google the subject because there is a lot to read.

IMBRA is a law that was secretly passed by the US Congress at the last second before Christmas vacation in 2005 and deep inside a secretly altered VAWA text that was itself buried deep inside the Justice Dept Budget Reauthorization Act that needed to pass to keep the FBI funded over Christmas vacation.

IMBRA states that:

1) It is illegal for a dating website that serves mostly white males (ethnic dating sites are exempt) to have more than 50% foreign women without being called a "Marriage Broker".

2) These socalled "Marriage Brokers" (any dating site with less than 50% American women on them) are under government mandate to force all American men (but not foreign men) to undergo background checks before being allowed to come into contact in any form with a foreign woman.

3) The background checks include not only running the man's name through the sex offender database (he can provide a fake name under the current version of the law but the next version will soon be secretly passed forcing all men to positively identify themselves before being allowed to communicate with all women), but also include a voluntary form where the man lists whether he was ever arrested for anything (regardless of conviction). This includes any fake restraining orders and any DUIs or arrests for protesting the war or whatever. The man must also state his marital status and the ages of any children he might have (of course, men can and should lie on this form while they still can if they do not want certain information to be given out to strangers).

4) The worst part of IMBRA is the part that says that each individual foreign woman must sign in writing that she read the background forms of each man who tries to communicate...and she must make her decision on whether to communicate with the man BEFORE she can read the message that he wrote to her.

5) This means that she can read that he was arrested for DUI 10 years ago and then must base her decision on whether her contact info should be given out to him ONLY BASED ON THAT INFO before she is allowed to see his initial message to her where he might explain the DUI situation (again, I recommend that all men lie on the background form while they still can...but technology is making it so the US government will get better and better at creating reports for women to read that tell her everything about a man's life).

6) Even for those of us 85% of men who have nothing at all to hide (including zero children whose ages we have to report on), this mandate that the women must read our backgrounds before being allowed to hear any message from us...forces all foreign women to only meet American males via Web-based EMail and not by having him call her cell phone or send her a telegram or postal letter (or just show up which I have done often in the past when there was no time to send a postal letter because my plane was leaving the next day and I only had a woman's address).

7) This is because a woman cannot realistically sign in writing that she read your background if you are calling her initially on the phone or sending snail mail. Theoretically, a dating site can send a paper letter to Manila or St. Petersburg and have a woman sign an affidavit that they can give out her personal contact info to the man whom she knows nothing about except that he had a restraining order from a previous divorce...but that would take more than a month to IMBRA basically forces all dating websites NOT to give out personal contact information at all and just force all women and men to get to know each other via the double-blind webmail systems that paranoid Americans mostly use.

Cool Thus IMBRA forces American paranoia on foreign women, saying that foreign women are like children and should be forced not to broadcast their personal contact information to strangers.

IMBRA violates the Right to Assemble. It is a gateway law to establish in the Supreme Court what a Republican judge said about it in 2006 "There is no fundamental liberty interest in an American contacting a foreigner".

The book "1984" is about how a government interferes in the relationship between a man and a woman by "disclosing information" to the woman about the man.

IMBRA is based on the feminist theory that men who date foreign women are very dangerous...and this forces the government to take action to regulate us. It is, of course, politically motivated. Not only are men who date foreign women proven to be 7 times less likely to ever commit domestic violence. There are other groups where people who meet each other are statistically much more dangerous to each other. The Congress would never regulate where older men with HIV try to get younger men to meet them for sex. Congress would never mandate that men need to show their HIV status to other men before being allowed to communicate. This is because gays have political power in the USA and hetero males have ZERO power.

By the way, Marc Rudov may have written about all this (Google his article on IMBRA) but he will NOT mention this on TV because he believes that no American males would care about this issue and he feels that the American public including most American males look down on males who leave the country as being "sex tourists".

Marc Rudov also refuses to discuss the paranoia issue Winston describes. He doesn't want to look like he might have trouble getting or keeping a date...he prefers to say that he rejects women when they expect him to pay for dinner.

My website is There is another site called that has a very good archive including 800 posts from me...but the current moderator is blocking all attempts to get the first real challenge going from American citizens (some dating site owners incompetently challenged IMBRA by using feminist lawyers who sabotaged their clients' cause).

In the end, many in the so-called "Men's Rights Movement" (MRM) are not goal-oriented and not really doing anything to try to get court action against laws like this ASAP. Read to see a bunch of guys blindly routing for John McCain while complaining about feminism but not trying to get any court action going at all.

You might ask "what can we do"?

We could do the following:

1) We can organize maybe on this site where we can raise $25,000 for a lawyered challenge inside the US.

2) A single American citizen can do a Per Se Challenge in a federal courthouse which would probably involve at least one trip back to the USA to physically deposit a challenge or to be physically present at a trial which would include a Deputy Attorney General and the lawyers for a feminist organization called the Tahirih Justice Center (see

I guarantee that any American citizen can get a restraining order on IMBRA within 3 days if they simply walked into a courthouse and asked.


This is because:

1) American males are mostly wimps with zero self confidence and zero goal orientation.

2) Some of us are corporate execs who cannot lend our real names to the fight and should not have to because there should be plenty of retired guys, those who don't care how their real name bounces around the Internet or those with common names where their challenge won't be the first thing people see on Google checks.

Seriously, just one guy in the USA right now could read this and immediately Email me because he is perfectly ready to walk into a federal courthouse TOMORROW and lay down a 12 point complaint about how at least the part of IMBRA that blocks non-email communication with foreign women (until she signs something in writing) needs to be restrained and overturned.

I guarantee that this law can be overturned immediately if we had just one male anywhere who was willing to use his real name and walk into a courthouse.
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