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Message and video to you all from Dwayne

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Message and video to you all from Dwayne

Post by Winston » October 20th, 2008, 5:52 pm

Hi all,
My new friend Dwayne, who's been helping me make videos of this site, asked me to pass a message and video on to you all.


Hi Winston,

I just made a recent video about Bill122460 last night. Could you do me another favor and share the release of this video with other members in your spare time?

I would like people at to SEE and READ with their own eyes of my feelings about Bill and the former T.F.L. movement I USE to be apart of.

I know it's a very tireing and boring situation my friend. But I've had enough of him and I let it all go in this video I made.

I made this video NOT to cause trouble, video flame wars, or anything. I wanted to set the record straight and to tell people how I felt and brought up some issues that needed to be addressed, once and for all.

Please also forgive me Winston. But I will be away for a few weeks. As discussed in the video you and everyone else will see. I have to try and take care of my family and it's emotionally killing me inside to seeing them suffer everyday. I know that my family will not live forever on this earth. It's apart of life that we are born, only to pass away later. That's apart of life and I know this fully and am fully aware.

But this is all emotionally straining on me. I have no life here in the states in the dating scene. I cannot go places and continue to be alone regardless. I will go out as planned. Still, I will not be happy until I go abroad. I have to take these few weeks ahead to prepare to get my State ID renewed. My passport ready in late November or early December, to go abroad in 2009.

I won't be able to work on the Review videos for awhile. But when I do come back to work on them. I'll have abit more knowledge about making the videos more cooler to watch, fun and entertaining.

I know you will understand what I'm going through. I'm not giving up on But I have to go away for awhile to get my thoughts, emotions and myself together, or I will not be good emotionally to help you with I'm even on the verge of emotional breakdown, Winston.

Take good care and thank you my friend for sticking by me all this time with other members. I'll never forget it...ever!!!

And all of my best to you for a happy vacation with Dianne and your son my friend.

Warm wishes,

- Dwayne
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