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WWu777 why is gordan allowed to post racism in the forum?

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WWu777 why is gordan allowed to post racism in the forum?

Post by sephardic-male » December 25th, 2008, 5:01 am

gordan a poster here constantly post racism message against blacks calling them subhuman when will you warn him or ban him for repeated racist postings against blacks

examples of gordan's racist posts

Bullshit. It's the opposite. I see so many white women with low self-esteem who date these subhumans that it's not even funny. I wonder what cave you're living in but I suggest you get out more.

You call minorities subhuman ?

No, just blacks and hispanics. So who are these minorities you keep talking about?

No, only blacks and "hispanics" are subhuman. ... php?t=4398

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:36 am

One more thing Delphi Amateur - expect the tables to turn rather quickly now because of the economic collapse. I hope you have weapons to defend yourself from the hoards of non-white animals, particularly blacks, who are now going to have field days on whitey and others. For your sake I hope you're armed but I don't expect it since your ideology dictates that we are all the same. Well, good for me. Nature takes care of the morally weak like yourself. All I have to say is: lock and load or see you in Hell! ... c&start=10

osted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:50 am

I met an American woman who actually wants to go to South America with me and start a new life. What an exception to the rule. She doesn't even mind that I'm sick of niggers and spics in this country and she's a liberal who is voting for Obongo! There are definitely exceptions to the rule. Notice that I actually spell correctly unlike uneducated ape-like illiterate Americans. Hey, get out while you can you wonderful citizens! ... c&start=10 ... c&start=10
Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 2:09 am
White-washed? Well, an inferiority complex is a bad thing to have. If they want to be white, let them. The white race is the superior race around the world and they know it so don't be upset about it. If they "chucked you out" then it's time for you to leave to another country. Have you tried Africa? Maybe you'd feel more comfortable there. How about central Africa? There may be no central plumbing but you might find some comaraderie there. Who knows, you might find your niche in one of those areas instead of those racist countries like the USA or those in Europe or even the Philippines. Let us know how it goes.

more from the black men in philipnies thread

Aug 03, 2008 6:06 am

I love negroids like you. You think you're worldly yet your race is one of the dumbest, low IQ, violent, self-absorbed, shit-slinging races on Earth. Calling me pompous is quite amusing to say the least. My cock size shouldn't be an issue with you since the brothas always boast about their size even though it's been proven in some circles that that is just a myth. If size is important to you then you can take a picture and show the world how big you are along with all the white women you f***ed (probably exaggerated - and part of the insecurity complex of the black male) and show us how studly you are. Oh, and I never said that I f***ed a filipina. Claiming that filipinas fit a certain physical phenotype says that you are a racist too so don't flex those penis-sized pecs of yours too much.

Is the buttermilk white complexion of these Japanese women that attract these subhuman negroids like yourself? Why is that? These women must be rejects from their families or whores -or deeply deluded women- because they would never in their right mind hook up with ape-like negroids in a country like Japan. Why must negro men be attracted to white women or women who appear white or light complected? Could that be a hypocratic tendency from your race which bitches about the white race yet just loves to breed with white or light complected women? What are your friends doing in Japan? Why are they not in Africa? Are you saying you don't want to touch Africa with a ten foot pole because the countries there are in shambles and the women are butt ugly and worthless and disease-ridden? Why don't you just tell the truth. I know its hard for people of your race to do just that.

more from the blacks in philipines thread

What is a 'mano'? I'm not an ape like you. Speak to me in proper Spanish, or better yet, in English since that is the language of this forum you retard.

A 'sell-out'? To whom? To you? I'm not a mixed-race mutt or negro like you. I'm a white man and was born in a more advanced culture than yours. We walk upright where I came from. Sell-out is your pathetic attempt to lump me in with the likes of your ignorant, lowlife, negro-loving subculture here in the USA. You can't even speak Spanish.

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