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Pickin Up College Girls

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Re: Pickin Up College Girls

Post by MrMan » November 27th, 2017, 6:13 pm

My guess is that it is a lot harder for men to pick up US college babes when I was in college now than it was when I was in school.

Back then, they weighed about 70 lbs. less.

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Post by Master » November 30th, 2017, 11:12 am

momopi wrote:
February 14th, 2009, 2:06 am
Attending a college will give you far greater access to the college girls, than simply hanging out at the pub across the street, or joining the 24 hr fitness near the campus. When you meet a girl at the pub, it's probably your first and only time that you'd ever see her. But if she was in your class or attend the same school, you can see her on campus few times a week and chat her up over the semester.

Certain classes, such as ballad, modern dance, art/pottery, etc. have very high female ratios. I was once in a dance class where the ratio was 3 guys to 30 women. Ended up going out with a few and one became my 2nd college GF.

One of my all time favorites is foreign exchange students. They're willing to brave a new country and are usually open to new experiences. Almost all of them don't have cars, so it's easy to befriend them and offer to show them around town.

Many college girls are away from home for the first time, and very liberated. The ones that live in the dorm or nearby student housing are easier, vs. commuter students who go home every day are harder. Less academically inclined colleges tend to have looser women (i.e. community college).

There are some downsides. Foreign exchange students go home after the year, so if you developed a relationship with them, it's just a fling to them and you'd be left at the airport. Also, of all my friends from college era who got married young, only 1 is still married, all others divorced. My gut feeling is that most college age girls are too young to know what they want in life, and by late 20's to early 30's, they want to do something else. So if you're looking to meet and marry a college age girl, I'd suggest older grad school student and not the 19 year olds.

In many Asian countries, the kids stay home until they get married (age 30+) and many are very immature. I recently went out with a 25 year old in Taiwan and she acted like a High School kid. From her behavior I can pretty much guess mommy's girl and a virgin, made out with her college boyfriend in the past but not much else (probably never masturbated either). She asked to make a promise with hooking our little fingers... ugh. If you ever dated someone and felt like you're babysitting your friend's kid, you'd understand what I mean.
Great Report momopi.

I will agree with you.

I really like the advice on attending is better than hanging out. As you got that down pat. I had thought about hanging out but women are so flaky and devious. They'll send you all the vibes and then change their mind and you got no force but if you attend her school and even better classes. She wont have slut mode and will feel more comfortable as you see her day-to-day and get to see her normal side. Not her diva I can f**k any guy I want side that she puts on and quickly dies out at night ends.

I like the certain classes all female advice as I did that. But Sometimes I didnt like it because girls tended to get lesbian like, at other times they felt it was strange they were few guys and assumed most were gay and were threaten when I was the biggest dick. I have to turn it down a notch since they all communicate and figure which girl their going to toss you if you bow to there rules otherwise your left out in the ditch for the semester.

I really liked the foreign exchange idea. Though many times since women have the program code they know when a foreigner is too fresh to have bitch shield and green magnet on them and can see you preying on them( This has been discussed here before). Making you look weak and desperate to them. You also have to act quick before the others give them the heads up. Cock block you and turn her into one of their mean girls style. Many of these foreign girls can be a hassle since they are so desperate to fit in neglecting cock along the way and still trying to conquer the biggest frat boy there is because tv tells them its the thing to do competiting with local bitches.

The Car thing can be half and half. A lot of foreigners come packing with cash and drive their car around. Unless your with the low level ditches where they cant afford their own car then maybe you push your weigh on them but if they are this level they might be seeking you take them out of poverty.

The liberated girls out of home was spot on. It amazes me how easy it is to stat these whores and enviornmentally control them. They are away from home so of course they want to bang( so they can prove to their parents how free they are. :sigh). If you take a girl to a bar or party their mind kicks in that they want to f**k but if you take them to church their mind kicks in saint. So where you take them and their enviornment dictates their mindset. Being your bed the aimed destination.

Of course makes perfect sense the dumber ones are less selective and more likely to open their legs and get pregnant than the smarter more selective educated ones that prefer education, power, and wealth over a short term let down.

I think two things on this topic. Bang them all without any conscious( dont even take them to the airport when you can be banging their roommate) and two why not marry or impregnant 18 yr olds? I see nothing wrong with that. YOu really think those same women mature enough to change at 30? The only thing that changes is they get wiser and figure a more death proof way to lock a man. Their mind and personality stays the same. They just get better jobs and more mature apperance but dont think for one second they wouldnt go back to dorm pounding if they could.
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