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Protection of Stds Serious Advice

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Protection of Stds Serious Advice

Post by Master » January 29th, 2009, 12:59 am

Ok, i know stds is one of the worst things you can get. But sometimes the condoms take away all the pleasure. sometimes the women seem wayyyy to fine to wear a condom or just to nice and seem trustworthy even though you never know if they know they have stds or have it and dont know about it. what are the "real rules" on how to go about it with protecting against stds. i know some people get tested, then again that can be extremely uncomfortable especially with how stupid and immature women are. Birth control only protects the baby and if im hard and shes hot im not sure i can contain myself from dropping cum in her. if that did happen what are ways to prevent the big boom? im not into abortion or any of that crap. not to mention the morale downers that can have on both of us. tips from the masters are needed. i want the whole bang and still stay on the safe side.

Note: even testing is highly problematic because you can get tested for instance for aids and should could still have syphillis or who the f**k knows. all this is highly scary. how to avoid being in the er with a big problem hangin on your dick?

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Post by Winston » January 29th, 2009, 7:04 am

First of all, the std's scare is mostly exaggerated by the media and the church groups and by paranoid parents. In reality, most std's are manageable or curable with antibiotics, and are temporary. Even herpes gradually decreases over time and sometimes doesn't even come back, even though the herpes virus will be in your body for life. So for the most part, they aren't that dangerous, just painful and annoying. Having lots of sex partners can get you UTI or gonorrhea, which are unpleasant but very treatable.

As far as aids, it's mostly a media scare. Getting it from heterosexual sex is rare, and even if the person is HIV positive, your chances of getting it are still astronomically slim.

The people who get it tend to be gay or share needles.

I agree that condoms take the pleasure out of sex and make it hard for me to stay hard too. You can try the super thin ones.

But even if you don't use them, the odds from the risks are still on your side. It's a gamble, just like life is. Don't expect a risk free life.
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