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USA girls are hypocrites wanna be princesses...

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Post by djfourmoney » January 26th, 2011, 4:27 pm

I agree after spending years in America, the openness that exsist outside of our culture takes a bit getting used too.

I had that same problem when I spent time in Europe. I had to get over the fact that only American women would ignore you or bite your head off if you come up to them.

I don't call that fear of rejection but fear of embarrassment. What's more embarrassing? A woman who ignores your existence or a woman that scolds you like a child and your an adult?

I could care less if she saids no do your advances the problem is as men we went for the right signal and most of the time it never comes or its coming from the wrong person. In happenstance moments its different but you still remember the last negative incident you had, not the last positive, because the positive incidents happen so infrequently.

When your in Europe, let's be honest, even in today's political climate you're still popular as an American because most people have never been here and only see imagines from our media. While its the complete reverse from say the middle east or Russia when all you see is death, destruction and poverty. They can't do that to Europeans, so what they mainly say is, they are foo-foo en feminine techo listening metrosexuals. To be honest, there's some TRUTH to that stereotype, but its demeaning. Men in Europe do not have to wear their masculinity, it was never robbed from them like in the US/Canada. That is apart of being in the Matrix, you think people outside of America have to be a rugged as you or they are lesser than yourself.

But truth be told, most women in Europe are turned off my metrosexuals, which is why so many of them like American men... As I said even in this political climate, the financial crisis and two wars, American Men are still popular.

You just have to take control of your destiny while in Europe, you'll be awarded instead of ridiculed.

My old fear with Western Europe is that I won't be able to find a woman that still in the middle of her best child bearing years, but use being either dual citizens or dual legal residents is much EASIER.

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