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Belgium student describes how prudish he found America to be

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Belgium student describes how prudish he found America to be

Post by Winston » September 14th, 2009, 5:22 pm

From a Belgium student who spent five years in America:
I left Europe when i was 14 to go to Texas and spend 5 years in america i also went to Georgia and New Jersey...the first time i arrived in america since i was 14 the first thing on my mind was to go chat up some beautifull american girls in the hopes of meeting some for the first time in my some friends introduced me to some girls they knew , we started hanging ot a bit and talking etc...then when it was time to say goodbuy and go our seperate ways i kiss the girl on the chick since this is how we culturally say goodbuy or greet eachother in friends rushed back to me and asked me "Why did you kiss her on the cheek!!??? now she thinks you are in love with her !!! " i was surprised that we were not able to have such body contacts...but from that day i knew i wasnt going to have as much fun...another thing that struck me the most is the sociall behaviors that hot white american girls have acting like they are better than guys buy trying to achieve ultimate independence driving cars at 16 yers old etc... what i also hatted was when they ignore you when you wlk in the halway even know they see you but act like you are not there...girls in america dont seem to be ok with letting you go out with them and always put you in what they call the "friend zone" which basically everybody in america is in or at least the majority of them...and america also has so many virgins , not to forget the 40 years old virgin movie they made in trying to give hope to american citizens...and what about that show called the pick up artist with that guru guy called Mistery....his clients look deppressed...its just scary to live like that and it sure is not healthy ...humans need one another in america not only is it hard to have sex...but to americans romatic behaviors are considered either weak or weird or name it...and what baffles me the most is no one talks about it and when you bring it up you sound crazy or something...they are just hypocrites...i couldnt bare the nasty food they give at lunch compared to the food in Europe...and we have no room to breath at school for example not enough time to socially feel one another... back in Europe we have 2 breaks one of 15 or 60 minutes at 10.30 and lunch breack of almost 2 hours so we can do activities america you have to stay stuck inside and just have one lunch then keep ignoring eachother if you ever run into eachother in the hallways....everything you say id true Winston i could go on....anyway, what pains me the most is that even tough i am back in europe i still find it hard to go up to a hot girl because of how the hot girls treated me in america ...but i recently found the courage back and it worked i am slowly getting better like i used to be before i went to america....keep up the good work Winston because its a discrace what is happening in America right they even have this to catch a predator show becuase women are too hard to be with appearently....its such a sick country....we are deffinatelly happier abroad....thanks alot Bro....CIAO....
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