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Is America coming apart

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Is America coming apart

Postby zboy1 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:03 am

The title refers to a Pat Buchanan article on WorldNet Daily. Basically Pat Buchanan is arguing that America is splintering apart to the point of disintegration. Now, I normally do not like Pat Buchanan because i think he's a white supremacist but I must say I agree with what he is saying about the country. You can read it yourself at ... 109478&a=1

To provide some examples that I think backs Pat Buchanan's article here are just some of the latest incidents that have happened the last few weeks and months:

James Trafficant believes Israel has a "stranglehold on the U.S." ... uments.htm

Here is the link for the attack of the white student who innocently wanted to sit in a chair in the back of the bus filled with blacks. One black student got up and told the white boy to move and when he didn't got beat down while the other black students cheered and egged him on. Then another black student gets up and punches him even more until finally, a good black kid stands up for the white boy and defends him. ... annel_page

I'm not trying to make this a racial issue. I'm just pointing out the mess America is heading towards. Seems like our society is degenerating as we speak. Look at the behavior of Kanye West and Serena Williams, as well as representative Joe Wilson who disrespectfully called President Obama a LIAR on national television.

Look at the screaming and anger that is permeating from the health care town halls and debates. We are such a divided country, socially, racially and economically. America has record budget deficits and the middle class is struggling just to keep up. Feminism has ruined American society irreparably. We hardly know our neighbors anymore and distrust anyone we don't personally know. What's happening to this country!
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