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wow i like women

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wow i like women

Post by track2004_400meters1 » September 20th, 2009, 5:32 am

some women actually are attracted to men... imagine that.... it really is hard to find.. but yet sometimes a female actually maybe say one out of a billion,, becomes attracted to the male species..
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Post by track2004_400meters1 » September 20th, 2009, 7:39 pm

and what do you mean my own race? im half european and have middle eastern... so which one would be my own race? im half german and half lebanese..... yeah i know all about the american women.. Thats why im going for european women. But the question is why do american women consider anything non european a threat to them?

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Post by momopi » September 20th, 2009, 8:07 pm

"Tall dark and handsome" does not equate to pale blonds.

Google "Italian Model" and look at the images. How many blonds do you see?

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Post by ladislav » September 21st, 2009, 4:45 am

There is an Italian dark and an Arab dark. One dark is different from the other. Many Irish are also "dark". There is dark and there is 'dark'.
As far as my answer to the OP, yes, the US is racist towards certain groups, and it is something you will have to learn to accept, but keep it in perspective-so are other countries. Try being a European man in the Arab world. It would be virtually impossible for one to date Arab women. Even harder than for you to date American blonds. One can convert to Islam, but again, it would be easier for a Black man than a Khawaja to make inroads into the Arab world through women.
I am in Oman now and I would be nuts to try and get in touch with local women. And the same in Kuwait.
And being an American in this part of the world is even worse than being an Arab in the US. You can get shot here. Forget about dating!
There are dynamics at work around the world - racial, religious, political, economic and demographic that determine how well you date in certain locations. In the US, political racism has been overcome through legislation, but not social racism. Obama got elected President but he still got a black woman to be his mate. But then in other places it is just the same but against some other groups.
Having said all that, what part of the US are you in? Alabama? Because the trend now is for white girls to marry black guys. And a blond blue eyed Adonis who is dirt poor or is some immigrant from Slovenia or something, will have trouble as much as you.

Keep in mind that even of a person has the bluest eyes in the world, a name like John Smith, and a lineage going back to Mayflower, they still have to compete in a market where there are more young guys than girls, where guys after 28 are old, where 5'7" is short and where the girl can dump her blue eyed prince faster than he can say WTF and go to another guy. It is a women's market in the US. They rule it. That is how the demographics and the economics and other factors affect it.
Rather than racking your brains over this and ruining your mood and developing complexes of all sorts, you need to internationalize yourself. Multinationalize yourself.
It is a f*cked up world. You have got to find ways in it to get what you want. But for this you will need to overcome the myopia of living in just one country and trying to date in it.
This site is called Happier Abroad. That is why we are here.

As far as blonds not liking Arabs, hmmm. You are picking on the wrong blonds. I was in Ukraine in the summer- a country of ten million blonds and there are many Arabs there. All have local girls. In the city of Odessa now, the recent trend for young ladies is to marry Arabs from Syria. And these are not half Arabs- these are Arab Arabs. The girls snatch them up. And that is in a country that is traditionally not very receptive to Semitic races. Economics, you see. Arabs can provide.

And these blonds look like this: ... re=related

How would you like one like that?

You are of Arab descent? So, why are you in the recession stricken US and not in the glittering Gulf?
You should be making money in Saudi now. Or in Dubai. Then going to Ukraine.

I knew one half Lebanese- half French guy. He worked in Saudi and would fly to Kyiv to party. He would come back all scratched. Scratched by girls during wild love making. Blond girls.

Why are you even considering dating in the US? The market there, just as the job market now, sucks big time.

Why are you knocking into closed gates? Why are you looking for water in the Sahara?
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Post by track2004_400meters1 » September 22nd, 2009, 11:09 am

good points,, but at the same time.... Doing all this u say takes money. That of which i do not own .....So therefore.. Getting women outside of this country would be impossible.. But its not like im having fun with the one night stands. I mean thats all it ever is. Because it seems alot of the people i meet just basically cant keep interest in one particular guy longer then a week or so..But its fun.... And i know alot of blondes do go for darker men. But im not all that dark unless i tan. And actually now that im tanning im becoming alot more dark. And it feels that since im becoming tanner that im becoming more and more attracted to italian and middle eastern women. But yet at the same time im still attracted to blondes. So im going for basically all types of women right now. Because im attracted to them all. Also im getting big as fuk.. So basically my shear size is getting women. Im up to 230lbs of solid muscle....But yes it is very diffulcult to pick up on american women.. I have very good game.. And yet its still very hard for me.... and even as i browse myspace and talk to foreign women. its still diffulcult to flirt with them too..... So its like you just have to have the right combination of everything...But still at the same time. .. Yes italian is a different kinda of dark then other kinds of dark. Just like indian dark and asian dark are different..
I think alot of the blondes just like to have fun with guys of different races.. But when they want kids. They look for something that looks just like them.....Just my opinion of what i have seen ...

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another thing

Post by track2004_400meters1 » September 22nd, 2009, 11:19 am

when i think about it... Actually people dont think im middle eastern, nor greek, nor european.. even though im a mixture between euro and lebanese along with a few others... People really have no freakin clue what i am.... I dont look like one or the other. So in reality i think its because people just have never seen a human look like i do... Because some people have told me they thought i was irish,, russian, greek, hispanic, black, mexican, polish, german,,, everything.. So its just that i think that women are giving me this reaction because they have no clue what i am.

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