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Can a whoremonger ever become a good husband/boyfriend?

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Re: Can a whoremonger ever become a good husband/boyfriend?

Postby adam917 » November 11th, 2009, 8:01 pm

momopi wrote:
ladislav wrote:
I know that's some excellent writing. You should write a book Ladislav.

Paper books are a b*tch to publish and market. That is why I have

and you can PM me for the URL of my poems. All online.

Ack, paper books are in the past. We're in the e-book and e-book reader era.

I publish cook books on Apple iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can publish your book for Amazon's Kindle. If you need a good editor or ghost writer to piece your writings together, you can hire one on

Careful with going with corporations' 'ecosystems'. Remember what happened not long ago when Amazon suddenly removed '1984' from the Kindle service & everyone (even those who bought it!) lost their copy? I has become a shame that the current digital world now is starting to revolve around not independent business but which megacorp's system you are a part if.

Is it hard to make money by just making the eBook something more universal like a PDF or something & sell that instead?
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Postby momopi » November 12th, 2009, 4:58 pm

Amazon is not the only guys around. Barnes and Noble and Sony sells ebooks too. There are also a number of ebook readers on the market:

At one time I favored selling PDF's directly and doing your own promotions. But I think that era has came and went. We're in the beginnings of ebook reader generation and I placed my bets on smart phone devices, which I'd note might not be the best choice due to its small screen.
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Postby womanizer » November 15th, 2009, 12:04 pm

ladislav wrote:Not really. It is still an open question. If I ask myself the same question, then the answer would be this:
Yes he can provided:
1) he has enough money to maintain his wife/gf and an agreeable enough gf/wife who looks the other way in exchange for regular remittances/care.
2) he should play discreetly and not parade around town with his other girls. he should learn to juggle.
3) he should have a cluster of relationship with the main squeeze ( who does not mind and who says that as long as it is not in everyone's face, it is OK)
4) he should play as far from the main squeeze's home as possible.
5) he should really think hard if he can ( or try to) fall in love.
It is all iffy, shifty, unstable, fallible, ephemeral and needs to be managed with extreme care.
But whoring alone is so boring. Just as boring as true love gets after a while.

Whoring is going through one bargirl after another night after night and not seeing them again. As long as you have steady gf's on the side, you're not really whoring.
"We happily accept that we can love more than one child, parent, sibling, teacher, friend, or pet. When you think of it like that, isn't the total exclusiveness that we expect of spousal love positively weird?"

- Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
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