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Post by DiscoPro_Joe » December 11th, 2009, 6:16 am

Shaq, it was a year ago today when I commenced my ultimate rebellion against your recommended way of life, and am happy as heck that I did.

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Post by SNS » December 11th, 2009, 4:25 pm

shaq786 wrote: The very first thing that struck my mind when I came to this site was Winston's main premise that girls in the U.S. are so bitchy, stuck up, and impossible to meet, etc. That immediately raised a red flag. I have an entire pick up community consisting of names like David DeAngelo, Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Gunwitch, BadBoy(to name a few) who are willing to say otherwise. Its very easy to meet women in the US, but taking them out on an instant date, or f***ing them involves more skill.

Just the fact that you are here and promoting your loser website in itself makes you a spammer.

It has been mentioned before on this forum, and many other places throughout the 'net by many other men with experience in foreign cultures, that outside the anglosphere one does not need 'PUA' tactics or other retarded gimmicks to meet women, because the interactions happen much easier and more naturally than in the dysfunctional wasteland of Amerika. Even in countries such as Germany which is considered a very 'women friendly' nation with all kinds of feminist laws in place, even German chicks are more normal and sweet, as opposed to the fake, game playing idiotic slit bags Stateside.

Secondly, in the cover video of your douche-bag convention you state that some chick asks you for your email with her boyfriend sitting right next to her. What does that tell you about the ethics of her? Congratulations genius, you just hooked up with a piece-of-shit Ameriskank who will probably show the same disrespect to you one day soon when she meets somebody else and wants to move on. Of course this kind of disrespectful behavior in women is standard of today's American zeitgeist. Maybe the chick was getting tired of here boyfriend, ok, but in other cultures most women would be handling this situation very differently, more discretely and more respectfully.

Don't even get me started on the retarded conversation in that 'vid' about your butt buddies outfit he was wearing. A conversation with a FW would not be like this at all. Seeking her approval and asking her what she thinks is BTW a weak PUA tactic. I know because I studied PUA with Ross Jeffries and am very familiar with Mystery's method and everything else. So then if I can PUA then what was my problem? The fact that such techniques are needed says a lot about how f***ed up AW are, and I do not want f***ed up c**ts in my life despite the fact that I can 'game' them and get them anyway. needless to say that this concept is far outside your comprehension. Let's not forget too that in Femerika women can wrongly accuse a man of being the father of her illegitimate child and the courts will automatically go along with her word. Many judges will not even allow an accused man to do a DNA test to prove he is not the father. And second to that are many instances where a man proves he is not the father but the system still imposes garnishments on his money. Do a search on paternity fraud and learn just how dangerous it is for any man to involve himself with any American female today. Then also let us take a look at the end prize; the women who are loose as hell and walking talking STD incubators. All I can say to you is enjoy the genital herpes, which you will carry around on your cock and balls for the rest of your life like luggage.

You have no idea just how dumb you really are.

The only thing I can say here is thank you for reminding me why I left that country.
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dumb and dumber

Post by Nate » December 11th, 2009, 5:08 pm

Ditto Here...

Shaq's original comment: "I dont blame anyone here for being misled. Given your situation, you were looking for a "guru" that can help you out and get you out of this bad situation of not having a girl. I would have been equally misled if stumbled onto this site 2 years ago when I wanted to do something about this part of my life. And I'm glad I didnt run across this site."

What a clueless jerk. My "bad situation of not having a girl."? Any decent guy even of my age (53) living overseas, has only a
"sorting problem" with girls. My girlfriend Jie is 25, educated, gorgeous, oversexed :D and spoils me rotten.
She is tall for a filipina 5' 5" and long hair down to the low of her back...she is kind hearted and very good to me in every way.
I don't need "game" or any other fake crap. I have the real deal.

In the USA I would be dating grandmas and listening to post menopausal Americana BS
I think I will stick with what I have... :lol:


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Re: dumb and dumber

Post by SNS » December 12th, 2009, 11:16 pm

Nate wrote:Ditto Here...
In the USA I would be dating grandmas and listening to post menopausal Americana BS
Aye... I could not imagine anything worse, but it would seem that an entire generation of washed up American whores are going the way of Norma Desmond

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Post by gmm567 » December 13th, 2009, 4:19 am

I think the player...just got owned

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Post by Grunt » December 14th, 2009, 1:35 am

No one here is brainwashed. Winston merely offers his perspective and his opinions, right or wrong, for each person to take or leave.

Your post ignores the fact that an American guy going overseas is just as much about seeking a higher quality mate as it is about avoiding the misery that is the average American feminist.

Plus, marriage to a foreign girl dramatically lowers your chance of divorce.

And finally, only a raging douchebag moron fucktard would overlook the issue of QUALITY! Foreign girls look much MUCH better than American females.

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Post by Winston » December 17th, 2009, 11:31 am

I want to make sure you understand the core issue here. What "works" is defined as what works for the majority of guys MOST of the time!

Now, the logical defining criteria for a system to be considered to WORK is that it has to work for the average person CONSISTENTLY, not just for a small few or rarely. Both PUA and MLM fail in that criteria, as any serious independent investigation reveals. The majority of those involved in them do NOT consistently succeed or profit. Asking PUA disciples to show you actual results is like asking Amway distributors to show you their tax returns. It exposes their charade and so they quickly find excuses not to comply.

Yet they still maintain the deception that their "system works". Now let me ask you, if I designed a computer program for a company that worked less than 5 percent of the time, would the company consider that program to "work" and be satisfied with it? HELL NO! They would never keep such a program! So why should you? To claim that something that only gets results a small percentage of the time, "works" is very deceptive and inaccurate. It's time to stop the bull, hype and brainwashing. I know we all need something to believe in, but for crying out loud, at least believe in something REAL that works consistently for the average decent person.

On the other hand, Global dating fulfills this criteria, for you will find that expat males who have plenty of experience living or dating abroad are pretty much unanimous in their opinion that dating foreign women is a much BETTER experience than back home, regardless of whether they are in long term relationships or short term flings only.
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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne

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To shaq:

Post by polya » December 31st, 2009, 9:21 am

To shaq: your arguments do not have merit because its just popular psychology to say - guys just need to "try harder" or learn "pick-up lines" or "kiss a few frogs before they find Ms Right." Its all lies because the system is rigged in the girl's favor & girls make up their minds about guys in a few seconds & will NEVER change their mind no matter if guys try being "friends" or anything else.

Believe it or not, in many countries (e.g. Mexico, Russia...) almost any single guy can be with almost any single girl - whereas in the US guys have to fight and fight and fight to be with any girl (let alone a girl who ticks all the boxes). Living in the US is just not worth all this fighting.
"Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal... If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters." Cato the Elder

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Shaq Come Back - You have to admit where you're wrong

Post by MoscowSummerNights » December 31st, 2009, 2:10 pm

Shaq + Winston - You were talking past each other in this thread. You should join forces. Who declared war on whom first? Was it Winston's provocative cover link on his homepage?

1) Of course having education, language and social skills works (including a lot of PUA skills) and is needed to get an upper middle class or above 8-10 anywhere in the world. As I noted on Roissy, to get the best foreign + American women, PUA skills have to be associated with language skills and being well read and up on women's interests (even in the USA where you should have read all the Twilight books if you want to date an 18-22 year old). Shaq noted, correctly, that this forum's talk of bar girls and that awful Russian prostitute argues *against* moving overseas (the erotic industry is better in the USA).

2) However, Winston wins the argument because Shaq has drunk the US feminist Kool-Aid that implies the US women are somehow superior. Shaq - are you a feminist sympathizer? Do you think it is manly to agree with a feminist in order to be her BF? It's not worth it - I dated lots of feminists "successfully" if you count sleeping with them as successful - but I consider lifelong friendship as a better metric.

Shaq - If you like a certain type, try living in a country where that type PREDOMINATES and these women outnumber men. This advice is not rocket science. It is not manly or smart to accept the *challenge* of competing in a dirty US city or lonely suburb where the men outnumber the women and your type is rare in a "melting pot" of all types (mainly Walmart specials). The US feminists *want* you to accept hardship as if it toughens you. This attitude also implies you (like the feminists) think like a Nazi - the implication is that men who can't compete in the deliberately created harsh environment must be eliminated from the gene pool. What you don't get is that the true Alpha Males go where the pickings are best. You don't see Roissy bedding many 18 year olds in Washington DC do you? Why not? Because her American parents and friends have done and will do everything possible to make sure he doesn't win no matter how good his game is.

A decent, well-educated guy with social skills enough to hold a managerial position isn't going to *need* to take a PUA course to do well with women in a non-feminist country (sorry, but Germany is far, far too feminist for me and worse than the USA for dating locals).

And I say that as someone who respects PUA theory but just doesn't have the time to fit reading about it into his dating schedule.

I am not going to click on your PUA site now Shaq not because I am not interested but because I barely had time to write this - I have a scheduling problem living overseas - too many attractive upper middle class and non-desperate women exist and are naturally interested. Average age is 20.

Don't follow the feminist Kool-Aid that says they are tramps only interested in my citizenship. This is radical Marxist theory Shaq!

Come back and admit that Shaq. It is called Marxist feminist theory when you imply most foreign women only like US men for money or citizenship.

Dating in the US is OK for men under 40. After that, the parents and friends of a young woman will most likely do everything in their power to break you up.

An American with game can do better in countries where his type is dominant and the women vastly outnumber men. Marxist feminists are threatened by this concept and try to tell you that the man is only doing better because the women are desperate for money and citizenship rather than finding a decent MAN (yes, the non-mercenary 9s and 10s want an Alpha male). In the USA alpha males are often ostracized.

Your only argument, Shaq, is that most men cannot figure out how to live overseas. You need at least $2000 per month to live well anywhere (I would sooner die or go back to the USA if I were earning less than that) but anyone who can type on a computer can earn that via the Internet and telecommuting.

Why would you want to earn $60,000 per year in San Francisco when you can have a much higher standard of living and date better looking, non-feminist (and non radical left wing) women making $24,000 per year in China? And you can get the latter by simply going to a Chinese factory and telling them you will be their English language interface. A smart guy can figure out how to make a lot of money overseas as well - it is just that too many of us expats are having too good a time dating to worry so much about earning more money than we need to live and date.
Plaintiffs needed to fight IMBRA and VAWA which legally codify foreign women as little children unable to defend themselves against evil American men

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reply to Winston

Post by firethrower1000 » December 31st, 2009, 4:02 pm

Thats great winston and you know one of the most favorite quotes i heard you say is " why do it if its not natural" becuase in the end life is about studying yourself through expression and not conform blindelly to a rigid PUA system...even in typical games some people just rather lose than cheat especially those with self pride...You can lie to everybody but you can never lie to yourself PERIOD.

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Post by Rick_Lee » December 31st, 2009, 9:31 pm

I read this and I figure I would re-post something I wrote couple of days ago in reply to an Asian kid asking me what to do about his "game". PUAs value is in helping guys to become better but that's it. At the same time, I am Asian American and I get plenty of women so America is fine.. and sorry for the bad grammar below, I don't usually proofread.

Now on what you said about PUAs and picking up women. First of all, let me debunk a PUA concept. There is NO WAY IN HELL that you will get an average/ugly looking guy and turn him into Brad Pitt. There is no trick there, so keep in mind that there are limitations not just to Asians but everyone else.

However, you an take a realistic approach to better your chances. PUAs have packages to sell you (in the thousands from what I heard), I don't. In fact, I don't care if you have ever subscribed to my site or ever will. So take my advice seriously.

Being a "Ladies Man" is sort of like being an athlete. There are several components if you will of what makes a man successful with women. Some of it is obviously natural, like an an athletes case their physique, strength, etc. In the context of meeting women, that would equate to looks, body shape, etc. Then there are environmental/conditional factors for an athlete like training which equates to dressing, social skills, etc to a guy who wants dates. So before you concentrate on any one area, you have to ask see where you are on the scale. Where do you fall into the bigger scheme of things considering you're Asian, your looks, height, dress, social skills, penis size, etc.

Once you have a number, say a "5" then you can start working on yourself. And if I were your coach, the first time I would work on is the image. Make sure you are dressed well (get a GQ mag to get an idea), smell well and groomed well. Try to maximize your outer appearance as much as artificially possible. Then ask yourself, are you in shape? and if you're not in the top 10% of your peers as far as shape then get to it! athletes work out hours per day, you have to put in the effort as well to look good.

After you get the image comes the conditioning, the training or shaping of your social skills. Again, gauge yourself on where you are at. Do you understand women? do you have lots of female friends? if not, then start reading up on it and start hanging out with girls. Only after you understand what a woman appreciates in a man will you be able to actually "sell" yourself as a mate. You see, looks or the image is primarily to get that initial interest. The second and most important is the close which is the social skills part. As an example, I have always had lots of female friends. I know how women are and 99% of the time women will find me likable because I know how to talk and engage with them. There is no magi trick here either, this is a trial and error approach that you should be practicing all the time. No book will solve this issue for you, this is a hands on area as it deals with emotions and interactions between two people. This is where the concept of "game" comes in. Is salesmanship combined with charm.

So in essence, you have to first make sure you looks the best you can and secondly be the most charming guy around. Because if you are a "5" you have to make damn sure you are the very best "5" around. Just like those girls that are not pretty but manage to change their image so much it makes them acceptable or even sometimes hot.

And last but not least, when you get to the sex part PLEASE aim to be the best lover they ever had. Don't just get off, make sure the girl gets off so you will make an impression. By doing that, you build up a "stable" of girls if you will and at the same time you help other AMs because these girls will tell their girlfriends that you were a good laid. I consider myself exceptional in bed and have sex with all girls the same so they will never forget me.

So in a nutshell that's what I have to say in regards to that.. now I got to go pick up my hot date actually :D

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Post by ladislav » January 1st, 2010, 10:40 am

Well how about malls, coffe shops, parks, gyms, grocery stores. The list goes on. We call it day game. Soul is a day game expert. He was given an award for his day game abilities.
You can get arrested for stalking and harrasment and verbal assault.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Re: Shaq Come Back - You have to admit where you're wrong

Post by Montanaland » January 1st, 2010, 9:56 pm

Why would you want to earn $60,000 per year in San Francisco when you can have a much higher standard of living and date better looking, non-feminist (and non radical left wing) women making $24,000 per year in China? And you can get the latter by simply going to a Chinese factory and telling them you will be their English language interface. A smart guy can figure out how to make a lot of money overseas as well - it is just that too many of us expats are having too good a time dating to worry so much about earning more money than we need to live and date.[/quote]

This is a pretty neat perpective of taking our ability to teach english to the next level and magnifying it to make some deniro$$$ Being a go getter myself I've already looked into the entrereneurship of tutoring.

Although getting into bed with a company sounds like it would be ideal or even at least tutoring execs. Also.... I really can't see any other better way to get with women than tutoring them on thier english in return for them helping us out with thier language...leading to date after date. Of course with a MA degree and a university position they come to you :)

This might be a little over the top....but I could see myself with with made up business cards/flyers at the uni's offering my tutoring services to all the ladies. ha ha...

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Post by Grunt » January 2nd, 2010, 1:58 am

Living in Montana for 4 years helped me gain a healthy disrespect for the locals. You seem able to connect the dots pretty well though.

Let us know how this pans out. A single American guy could possibly pull this off, but a married guy like me would have a much lower hit probability.

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Bogus Debate = PUA vs Going Abroad - both are necessary

Post by MoscowSummerNights » January 2nd, 2010, 11:44 am


I just realized that you might be African-American and your primary predilection would be your own race. Well fed educated 18 year old black women are to be found mostly only in the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Caribbean and France which would naturally be your hangouts unless black women are not near your ideal. Now that I am thinking about it, I just gave you plenty of alternatives to living in the USA. There would be plenty of gorgeous virgins in upper middle class Kenyan families to date in Mumbasa. With the Internet, you could work from Mumbasa for an American company.

To you, the idea of living in Sweden or Russia would be something along the order of a temporary fantasy, more like a fish out of water experience than what could be, for an older white male, the necessary permanent solution (a 40 year old white male would prefer to move from a place where 18 year old blue eyed blondes are 1 in a million and told by their friends and family not to date older men to a place where 18 year old blue eyed blondes are 1 in 10 people and they are told by their friends and family to marry an educated 40 year old male).

The *debate* over whether the USA is dysfunctional or just its individual Beta males is a bogus debate. The dysfunctional culture CREATES dysfunctional Beta Males.

I watched Roger Moore as James Bond as a nerdy teenager but he didn't teach me anything but materialism: I came away from the movies thinking I had to earn lots of money to get beautiful women. When 45 year old Moore saw a 17 year old get into his bed in For Your Eyes Only, he said "Get your clothes on" but I came away thinking that even girls my age wanted financially successful men staying at 5 star resort hotels and wearing tuxedoes.

Nobody, especially not my father or uncles, warned me that my probably best course of action at the time was to go to the Soviet Union – even at the height of Andropov before Perestroika. There materialism wasn’t so all encompassing to the point of young men just assuming the best looking women were unobtainable without regular access to an expense account and 5 star hotels.

I went to a Beverly Hills 90210 type high school – expect NOBODY had a personality. The only social scene was something left wing teachers created: a giant smoking area where, to fit in, you had to smoke or do drugs (while the left wing teachers observed via binoculars but did nothing). College was little different although I will admit that I could have made more of that if I had learned any game from someone (nobody was willing to teach me and I know for sure that, if I had gone to Moscow State University in Russia, I would have been brought out of my shell by women DESPITE MYSELF).

The women in the US Army were solidly lower class to lower middle class. It didn’t matter how nice one looked, it was like talking with a robot. There was such an embarrassing zero connection when serving overseas considering that local women in other countries got along with me so well. I remember wondering more than a few times what culture I was supposedly ready to give my life for and got the Hell out of the service when my first term was up. I really wish this were not the case but many soldiers can confirm this: female soldiers in the US Army are 1000 times less capable of friendship with their counterparts than any local girl in any country that we’ve invaded and conquered.

In my late twenties I finally got a fantastic job in a major US city – the first gorgeous US woman I met asked me if she could see my office, so I could prove to her that I worked for the company I said I worked for. When I hesitated by saying that I’d just started…this somehow told her that I was lying about my good job and I couldn’t get a date with her. WTF??? Game had nothing to do with that strike-out. She was a serious bitch. Several other women also pulled that stunt where my refusal to bring them to my actual office, for security reasons or because I didn’t want new colleagues to think I was trying to impress women, caused them to not believe I had a great job.

In fact…as I am thinking now…in more instances than I care to remember an American woman made seeing my office a major factor in deciding to be or remain attracted to me. Nowhere else on the planet is that an issue.

I got a gorgeous 21 year old girlfriend in Manhattan…but when I stopped calling her for 2 weeks, she took advantage of my rejecting her by sleeping with a famous soap opera star. She didn't even cry over me. In the former Soviet Union, my rejecting a gorgeous 21 year old would not result in her immediately finding another alpha male with a better financial position than me. It would result in her calling and asking me what went wrong and what she could do to fix it.

In fact…as I am thinking now…in more instances than I care to remember an American women just took my not calling her (or dissing her) as a reason to quickly move on and “take revenge� – making sure I knew she didn’t want nor need my friendship henceforth. There was no begging or attempts to win back my interest – something one would expect from a human being. US culture teaches women to take revenge and to never forgive a slight. My sisters tell me that US culture taught them to make sure they were NEVER rejected by any man. This insecure mindset is taught as “feminist pride�.

It turned out to be the nation where same-age dating is a religion – a more mentally sick, politically correct nation doesn’t exist. Back in NYC, I had a 20 year old hanging on every word I said and gave me her phone number – but then she asked why I wasn’t married and I made the mistake of saying that I could have married someone my own age but I was waiting for someone of the newer generation like herself – she began to hate me on the spot - Young US women are taught to have solidarity with older women and absolutely revile men who openly admit that they might ignore older women – I admit that I would never deliberately try to discuss this topic in Eastern Europe, but I wouldn’t be rejected and hated by a young woman for making such a remark once.

In fact…as I am thinking now…in more instances than I care to remember an American woman switched from intense like to hate based on a politically incorrect comment I had made just once. This is why men who live overseas say to suckers back in the USA: “Enjoy the Minefield, it’s a Blast�.

More than a few gorgeous but insecure US women have rejected me coldly simply because I said I had been to Russia or, God forbid, said I liked the women there. I couldn’t imagine in a million years a Russian woman having any negative feelings at all if I said I’d enjoyed dating some American women.

Then there were the 10 drunk US women who wanted to sleep with me and whom I now wish I had slept with – because none of them wanted a date or relationship the next day.

Worst of my western memories are of getting phone numbers but finding, afterwards, that the woman did not want to even communicate! Why did they give me the numbers even? Because I had had good game but then they remembered that they were supposed to be mentally sick (they might have been thinking “he had good game but he’s still over 30 so I have to give him the runaround so he will stop trying to contact me�).

Now in between I was able to, after I turned 40, date and sleep with about 3 gorgeous US women in the 18-22 age category. But even then…in two out of 3 cases, when we broke up because I was geographically moving on, they didn’t think “remaining friends� was necessary! I was a smart alpha male they had supposedly given their virginity to….and yet I wasn’t someone to try to stay friends with forever?? That attitude would be unheard of in the former Soviet Union.

Which leads me to this point – feminists train young US women to hate Alpha Males even as they might have sex with them when good game is run – they literally have sex with men they despise.

So yes, PUA tactics are worth knowing if you are stuck in the USA – you can have a good sex life there if you are prepared for them to disassociate themselves with you at the drop of the hat and take revenge on you for having been a patriarchal alpha male who temporarily “got them�.

I prefer living in one of those dismal looking Soviet box apartment buildings where young women dream of lifelong friendship and love with a strong alpha male 20 years older whom, if he doesn’t call, they will beg to please tell them what they did wrong so they can improve – and none of this having to do with financial desperation but with coming from a culture that doesn’t teach false feminist pride.

Any readers want to move to the former Soviet Union? Just PM me.
Plaintiffs needed to fight IMBRA and VAWA which legally codify foreign women as little children unable to defend themselves against evil American men

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