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Post by FuzzX » March 5th, 2010, 9:41 pm

Well as a 'PUA' student, I can attest to having the local experience in the field to back up Winston and the other regular's claims. Foreign game is 100 times easier than local game...

However, I think Shaq has valid points... except for the 'staying in the USA' part. Usually people who post that sort of garbage are the same people who have yet to travel to any place that isn't classified as a tourist hot spot.

A healthy education in PU Artistry will teach you quite a bit about how women in general act and how to spot gold diggers and what not, combined with travelling abroad will make you nearly invincible.

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Post by ladislav » March 6th, 2010, 5:45 am

One's success in dating consists of the following variables. Success in dating ( SID) = Your looks/age/height + professional success/money+ the kind of women you are dating+ the demographics/economics/racial cultural composition of the place you are trying to date in. The PUAs do not see the last factor as important at all or existing as a variable worth considering. And if the US were the only country on earth, they would be right.

I have been traveling and living in different countries since a very early age and I have emphasized the place as being the most important factor especially for an average guy. So, my way of dating is going to places that are:

racially/ethically mixed

not rich

with more young women than young men per 100 of population.

I can speak quite a few languages and feel comfortable in more cultures than one.

Most US based people will probably get cold feet taking this approach because

a) in other countries there be dragons ( they believe)
b) they do not speak other languages and/or know other cultures or feel good living there
c) they love America and want all things to be available to them where they live and work and they do not want to deal with the headaches and embarrassment of going to far away lands.

Nothing's wrong with that and everyone has the right to deal with things the way they see fit. And maybe for them it works.

Expat lifestyle is not for everyone and most people would not like to live far away from family and friends and work etc. Maybe most of them are established professionals and all they miss is a good sex life/family life. So, maybe those PUAs will help them.
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