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Mainstream media beginning to think like us...

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Mainstream media beginning to think like us...

Postby Jackal » March 4th, 2010, 10:49 pm

I actually found a great article on titled "Stop Being So Picky" which is addressed to American women. It basically tells them not to be such bitches to decent men if they want to have a marriage that will last. ... d=23327481

I've noticed several articles like this over the past year or two on MSN. However, funnily enough, they always disappear from MSN's front page very quickly. I guess just a dash of non-PC articles are allowed. Still, it's interesting to see that some people in the mainstream press have begun to see the reality of the American dating scene, which the members of this site have seen for a long time!

It's also funny that these articles coincide with the big recession in America. I think economics might be forcing American women to rethink being so bitchy.
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I saw the same article...

Postby pete98146 » March 5th, 2010, 1:52 am

and I also was surprised to see the article hit MSN. Fact of the matter is that any negative opinions of women are quickly swept under the carpet. That said, women NEED to understand that effect how their demanding princesslike behavior is messing up dating and families as a whole.

I think many women are flat out oblivious because they tend to live in their own decadent, self-absorbed vacuum. They relish the power that comes with pulling (almost) parallel with men these days and power is a difficult thing to let go.

So will one article be the be all end all eye opener for these women? Nah, they need to be bashed over the head repeatidly to get the message across. But unfortunately, the media will not allow any anti-women material to exist so we are back to square one.
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