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American c**ts Move to Restrict Access to Foreign Women

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American c**ts Move to Restrict Access to Foreign Women

Postby Nate » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:20 am

This is really unbelievable....and sad but true...the Ameriskanks will stop at nothing. ... e-brokers/
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American Phyco Bitches

Postby Gene and Viol » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:35 am

I'm an American and still proud of it. But its strange how bad things have become back in the states. Not all women but a good number have become nothing more than monsters. Trying to find the good ones for marriage and getting one has worse odds than gambling in Las Vegas.

That is the primary reason so many of us have gone overseas to marry and to live. So naturally women in the states and elsewhere for that matter feel that foreign women moving in are a threat to everything they have tried so hard to become=man hating phyco bitches that have nothing on their minds other than how much they can make in a divorce settlement.
To most American women I think, marriage to anyone is only the means to a desired financial end. Like investing in a CD or the like. When you add their monthly PMS into the equasion, being married to or even living with one of them is most likely about the same as living in a self imposed hell.

I don't think this womans proposal for a change in the law will get very far this time around. At least not yet. But it does provide a real heads up to the male population of America and beyond I would guess.

If I were still living in America, I truly believe I would run from even the thought of marriage or even a long term relationship with one of them.

Every time I hear or read about something like that it makes me thank God that I found the Philippines and a wonderful woman years ago...
Gene and Viol
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