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Postby outcastsuperstar » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:07 am

I just want to let everyone here know that I have just put back up on the web.

I don't have great website design skills but I believe this will get the job done.
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Postby Adama » Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:22 am

Were you running the proboards.happybachelor site before? Are you GGJake?
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Postby outcastsuperstar » Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:31 am

I ran HB1, Jake is running HB2 and is the current administrator. I'm not GGJake. I still have control of the domain name. I just put it back up on the web.
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Postby Winston » Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:14 pm

How come you don't just upload your own forum software under your domain and create your own forum, instead of hosting it on proboards and give them advertising revenue? There are many free forum softwares out there, some of them are spiffy looking too.

It's uncanny how both our site domains have the word "happy" in them :)

By the way, I got such a wonderful welcome on your forum here: ... hread=3327

I have never been that well received before. It is good to be appreciated on other sites out there :) You guys should check the link above and see how like minded the folks there are with us! We are like "sister sites" with them!

I also saw this sincere, awesome and inspiring testimonial about happier abroad there that I want to share below:

Wow. Winston. Is it really you? Lol....if so WELCOME TO THE FORUM MAN.

I've got to say this right out: everything you wrote is absolutely dead on, and furthermore, your site, happier abroad, which was linked up to was INSTRUMENTAL in my choice to not give up on women entirely, but look overseas for women of quality. I've been on both sides of the fence that you talk about here; having gone through long periods of rejection by american women, followed by projecting the alpha bad boy image (unintentionally) they seem to eat up and got 'picked' left and right. But I can say this definitively: success and failure was all shit. People would constantly tell me "oh you just haven't found the right girl!!" Ha. Bullshit. Why is it every dumb bitch would take the alpha happy bachelor version of me, transform me to the beta, then resent their creation like a f***ed up dr. frankenstein and then hop from one cock to the next? Over and over again. Nearly every relationship I've had with these animals has ended in infidelity on their part. After a 7 year meltdown in which the girl cheated on me with a 20 year old drunk (she and I are 32 LOL) I knew I was done. I'd long been a mysogynist and those dormant views came right back to the surface. This helped when my best friend recomended me to, MGTOW, and HAPPIER ABROAD.

I was at a crossroads. I've been so damn happy as a bachelor I wasn't sure I wanted to get involved with any women at all....but then my best friend joined International Cupid when we were out of contact, met a brazillian hottie...and is now getting married this summer. I thought f**k it. What have I got to lose? Let's TRY. I'd always found asian women the most attractive in the world, so I thought let's zero in on them and see what happens. I read your site. I read your forum. I read testimonials of dudes who hooked up with hot asian (and other) types of women, and had seen the light. I did more and more research. Saw that AM to FW divorce rates are much lower. On and on.

After doing my homework I did Cupid too. And I'm happy as shit I did. I met a fillipino english teacher living in Indonesia on there last September and there has been no going back since. I flew out there and spent an amazing week with her...I'm going to write more about this on my own thread "The Trip"

But I can attest Winston....everything you say above, and on your site is damn true. Damn true. In 7 days I have never been so happy with a woman in my entire life? Why? Because she is night and day unlike the shit here.

I've been telling my friends in real life that going foreign is UPGRADING. UPGRADING. See, if you get picked by a bitch here...chances are on the attractiveness scale, unless you are a serious alpha or moneybags....expect a 4-7 at best. Further, they PICK, the stupid man just settles...because when he is offered p***y, he just can't refuse...having no clue that he has better options, that he can UPGRADE. Getting laid here by these animals is drinking a slow acting poison. It's only a matter of time before your hormones will lead to emotional and financial devestation.

Overseas women are radically different than the shit here. I can tell this already. Hmm. See my forthcoming post on "The Trip".

But Winston, I cannot recomend your site enough. And the ebook. The ebook was great. I even owe you a thank you, I'd say. What I read on there helped me to decide: JUST GO. JUST DO IT. I'm 10,000 times happier because I did. Thank you for your wisdom. Feel free to use anything I write on here or my thread as a testimony.

I was about to give up on women entirely and just be a confirmed bachelor like one of my heroes CS Lewis. But WHY? God, there are women of quality out there. Quality. I HAVE one now. And I saw A LOT MORE. Go abroad, gentlemen, you will indeed be happier...I know I am.

Thanks Winston.
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Postby outcastsuperstar » Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:53 pm

Hi Winston

It's not my Forum anymore, it's now run by other people.

I don't know much about how to design websites so my skills are limited to just being able to do a cover page.
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