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What do You Philippines and Thai Guys Use for Birth Control

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What do You Philippines and Thai Guys Use for Birth Control

Post by globetrotter » April 22nd, 2010, 1:08 pm

Ok. So let's say you met a cute girl working a hotel counter or the restaurant and you have gone out several times.

What is the deal with BC in the RP?

-Are the girls all on the pill?
-Do you have to use condoms?
-What happens if she gets pregnant?
-If she gets pregnant and it is not yours and she is trying to trap you are their DNA testing labs in the RP to get you off the hook?
-Do the girls all expect sex to be without condom, bareback?
-Are the girls going to come back to your hotel room?
-Will they want a separate bed so they can pretend they are being good?
-Will they sleep in your bed or insist on leaving to go home or will they sleep in a second bed?

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Post by Winston » April 22nd, 2010, 6:16 pm

For the PH, or Angeles rather, this is my experience:

Not all girls are on the pill. It's expensive and costs around 800p for a month's pack.

They just wing it and don't care about consequences.

Half the girls want you to use a condom. The other half doesn't care. Some will ask you to use it but won't insist.

Whether they sleep with you or not depends on the type of girl they are, their upbringing, and how much they like you, etc.

It all varies.

If she gets pregnant, she may keep it or get an abortion. It all depends on her values and her relationship with you.

It's a case by case basis.

Most relationship disputes do not involve the law or hospitals. The couple settles it themselves or they just part and forget each other. Rarely does the law get involved. Rare cases that involve the law are the ones that get the attention in expat letters of course, but they aren't the way it goes most of the time.

Why are you asking these questions about PH? Aren't you happy with the girls in China? Chinese girls are smarter, have silkier smoother skin, and act classier. So why would you care about the PH?

What would your answers be to those questions of yours regarding Chinese girls?
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Post by ladislav » April 30th, 2010, 2:34 pm

The most popular method is called ATM- they withdraw.
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